Ten Sentence Thursday (2)

Ten Sentence Thursday is a Weekly blog post hosted by me at Blood Sweat and Books. Each Thursday I'll grab a book off my shelf flip to Ten separate pages and grab Ten Sentences to share with you all. For this weeks Ten Sentence Thursday I am Picking....

ISBN: 0061834580 (ISBN13: 9780061834585)
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Here Are My Ten Sentences

I died on a bitter,cold night.

This silent-treatment bit you've got going on is getting really old.

I glance through the windshield at the stories of pure creepiness as Papa Dan ends the oat-and-ivy tunes and starts whistling The Twilight Zone's theme music.

A flock of birds takes flight inside my chest as I peek inside the house.

"I don't think I've used a chain saw in any of my books yet. I like to dream up my own unique methods of dismemberment."

I'm heading for the closet when I hear a loud thump at the window and turn to look.

Mom stares at me likes she's shocked that a demon has possessed her silent, okay-whatever-you-say-I'm-a-doormat daughter.

The nightingale sings outside my window, but not the mournful tune I've come to know.

I jerk awake from a dreamless sleep and blink until my eyes adjust to the darkness.

Sometimes the real world shimmers, even without the crystal.

Well There you have it my Ten Sentences. If you'd like to participate in Ten Sentence Thursday. Grab my banner and leave me a link down below so I can check yours out.


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