Book Trailers and Why Every Book Should Have One

Book Trailers have been around since 2002, but the concept didn't really take off until 2005 with the birth of sites like Myspace and Youtube. While many readers are reluctant to embrace them, preferring to rely on word of mouth, I love them. I started Trailer Tuesday as a way to showcase the Authors who could think outside the box and embrace a new style of media marketing.

Trailers like their movie counterparts can vary. In the early years a Book trailer was nothing more than the Author sitting down and reading an excerpt from the book. While it was nice to see the Author, the "trailer" left very little to be desired. As the years went on they evolved into flashes of images usually related to the book followed with a narration of the synopsis. A step up certainly but still a little bland. Recently Book Trailers have evolved yet again into mini movies and these by far are my favorite. The Author or publishing house hires actors, finds a location and writes a mini script taken from scenes in the book. It's a much more professional affair then previous versions.

Still even with the better scripts and budgets, Book trailers get a bum rap. I recently read that most people don't watch them. I know for me the first thing I seek out when looking for a new book is if it has a trailer or not. So Why Should A Book have one, if nobody watches?

First Off there are a few of us who like them. Were usually heavy movie watchers as well as readers so already "get" the idea of a Trailer. We enjoy a visual representation as well as a hands on pick up the book and read the back cover kind.

Second, It adds a level of Marketing that other Authors don't have. If you can keep the budget down creating the trailer or even enlisting the help of families and friends, you're really out nothing except your time. You do however open yourself to a market of viewers who might not have ever checked out your book in the first place until they stumbled across your trailer. This might only result in a couple more book sales, but I'd think someone would rather have a couple hundred or hell even a couple dozen more sales than none at all.

Third, Not everyone lives near a bookstore. I can read about a book online, but it's not the same as picking it up, checking out the cover and skimming a few pages before deciding if it is worth my time. A book trailer much like a review gets to the heart of a book. It gives The viewer more than just the few sentences on the back describing it. Maybe it introduces a character the synopsis leaves out or shows a big battle sequence which is a pivotal portion of the book. Either way it can make or break my purchasing it. If I am unsure about a book online I always seek out a book trailer. If I can't find one, then I might wait weeks or months before purchasing until I can get to a Store with one in stock to check out.

In conclusion I love Book trailers. I want to see how they evolve and when the media embraces them, I will gladly point at all the naysayers and say "I told you so!" If you find a Book trailer you love online remember to share. Drop the author a line or a tweet telling them so, I am sure they will greatly appreciate the feedback.

Now for my questions. Do you watch Book trailers? Which is your favorite and Why? I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. i love book trailers
    my fav at the moment r shadow and bone/ lies beneath and grave mercy

    1. Both Great choices!! I really was excited to read Grave Mercy after seeing its trailer and when I did it didn't disappoint one bit.

  2. I never used to like them but the quality has improved drastically and now I look forward to them.

    1. I wasn't a fan until they started becoming more movie like and now I'm just in love with them.


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