Book To Movie Monday (8)

For this weeks Book to Movie Monday I have decided to cover the movie The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.

First Let's Discuss The Book. Below Is The Cover.
Now for a little back story in case some of you aren't familiar with the Novel. The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants is written by Author Ann Brashares and was released for publication September 11,2001. The book follows the adventures of four best friends—Lena Kaligaris, Tibby Rollins, Bridget Vreeland, and Carmen Lowell, who will be spending their first summer apart. When a magical pair of jeans comes into their lives, their summer turns upside down. Ann Wrote The Book after having a conversation with a colleague who mentioned sharing a pair of pants with her girlfriends one summer. To learn more about the sisterhoodClick Here for a Q+A with the Author I found on

Let's Look at some of the characters now shall we.

Main Protagonists

Lena "Lenny" Kaligaris- Lena is a Shy, Artistic 15 Year Old. Described as very Beautiful and Of Greek Heritage, Lena describes her weakness as the inability to love and trust freely.

Tabitha Anastasia "Tibby" Tomko-Rollins- Tibby is the daughter of former radical hippies. She feels like she is an outcast and goes out of her way to distance herself from others.

Bridget "Bee" Vreeland- Bridget excels in soccer and is known as the superstar of the group. She is also the most daring and courageous. She has long blond fairy tale hair that is the envy of all who see it. Her mother committed suicide when she was younger, she is much closer to her friends than her remaining family because of this.

Carmen Lucille Lowell- Carmen is a sensitive and caring half-Puerto Rican with a bad temper.She is often described as the glue that keeps the sisterhood together.

Major Differences Between The Book and The Movie.

In the Book the girls are fifteen entering the Summer before their sixteenth birthday.
In the Movie the girls are already Sixteen.

In the Book Bridget has a twin brother named Perry.
In the Movie he is left out.

In the Book Lena is caught Skinny Dipping by Kostos. When she notices him she storms naked up to the house declaring him not a nice boy. Leading Lena's Grandmother to determine Kosto's violated her.
In the Movie Lena is drawing on a dock and falls in causing Kostos to save her. She later learns that their families have been feuding a long time.

In the Book Brian Tibby's future love interest is a mossy haired geekish boy.
In the Movie he is a gaming Asian boy with long shaggy hair.

In the Book Lena travels to Greece with her sister Effie.
In the Movie Lena visits her grandmother in Greece alone.

In the Book while Carmen is attending her father's wedding, Lena goes to visit Bridget in Mexico, Tibby stays home and faces the loss of Bailey a young girl she met who later died while making a documentary over the summer.
In the Movie all four girls attend Carmen's dads wedding.

In the Book, Lena’s grandmother adores Kostos and immediately tries to set him and Lena up.
In the Movie, Lena’s grandmother hates Kostos and tells Lena that she should have nothing to do with him.

In the Book, Bailey passes out at Tibby's work and she accompanies her in the ambulance.
In the Movie,Tibby and Bailey become friends after The Pants are accidentally delivered to Bailey's house. Tibby then returns Bailey's wallet.

I enjoy both The Movie and The Book equally. Each was cute in its own way. I think the books are worth reading though as they go into much greater detail about the sisterhood and how it came to be. Overall cute movie, cute book you should definitely check out both if you haven't already.

Well that about wraps up this weeks Book to Movie Monday. I'll post the movie trailer down below in case your curious. Leave a Comment down below telling me which you liked better and why. Have a recommend for an upcoming Book to Movie let me know that as well.


  1. Great analysis! I've seen the movie but haven't read the book. Did the differences bother you? Thanks for the Twitter follow and I'm now a blog follower.

    1. The differences didn't bother me because I read the books after seeing both movies. I didn't even realize they had books until someone mentioned it to me. Course then I just had to read them lol. Both are good in their own way. But they completed changed Lena's story for the movie. I like the book version a bit better.

  2. I totally agree with you! I loved all the sisterhood books, and even though the movie strays from the original story some, I still thought the movie was cute, and I loved all the actors they chose.

    1. Yeah I liked the Actors to. I think the cast was pretty darn spot on.


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