Booking Through Thursday (6)

Today Bookish Sarah asks:
What book took you the longest to read, and do you feel it was the content or just the length that made it so??

This question is so hard! Do you know how many books I've read lol. I know a lot of Jane Austen's work took awhile to read through when I was younger. Having 10 minute conversations just to ask the other character if they'd like a spot of tea will do that.

If I had to choose a semi current read that took the longest, it would be Kendall Grey's Inhale.

Now I actually really ended up liking the book but that first 100 pages was killer (See my reasons why Here). It literally took me two weeks to read through them. Once I did however the book picked up and I was on my way to a really great read.

In the end it doesn't matter if a book is 700 pages or a mere 200, if the content takes forever to wade through that can make for quite an exhausting, unfulfilling read.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? What would your choices be if asked the question? Let me know in the comments below! I love reading your replies.

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  1. Some books take longer to get going than others.

    And if I'm enjoying a book, the time I take to read it can feel shorter, even it's a huge tome like something by George R.R. Martin

    1. I agree some take awhile but there is clearly a difference from a good story with slow pacing vs being utterly confused for the first half of the book which was the case of Inhale. Once I read further and had grasped what was going on it turned into an enjoyable read but before that I was very close to just writing it off.

  2. If you are really enjoying a story you go to it more often.


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