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Heidi asks:
Do you have siblings? Do they like to read?

I have one brother and yes he likes to read. My family has always been big on books, reading is something that was always encouraged growing up. That love for books is something I am trying and hopefully succeeding at passing down to my kids as well.

I don't think even my brother knows this but he is the sole reason I started reading Fantasy Books in the first place. I can remember him having a real beat up copy of The Hobbit, that he really treasured. Well in my kid head that meant it was something I needed to read. One day when he was out I crept into his room, grabbed the book and ninja stealth back to mine. Anyway I remember devouring the book in just a few short hours and barely had it back in place before he arrived back home. After that I wanted to read more Fantasy and became a big fan of not only Tolkien but also Pier's Anthony and Terry Pratchett.

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  1. I love that story! It's surely something to remember for life. ^^ I also hope that I'll pass on my book addiction to my kids, I'd be kind of mortified if not, but I have a few more years until that even becomes an issue. Until then, I sidestep that and puch books onto my kinda-godchild. x)
    Thanks for stepping by and sharing! =)

    1. I'm a big reader advocate and try and shove my book love on anyone with a pair of eyes lol.

  2. What a great way to get into reading :-)
    My siblings and I are a bit of a mixed bag. My BTT-post:

  3. Great story! I would have loved to have shared that book love...although, now that I think about it, I read to my younger brother and sister a lot. They did seem to enjoy books.


  4. Well that was different, usually the brothers are the ones that don't care for reading, so great that you learned to love reading from him. All four of my children like to read, I'm not sure if they followed my example or not, or if they just learnt to like it later in life.

    1. My son likes to read comics mostly and manuals for building things ie legos.

      My daughter has recently started becoming more of a book reader which I am thrilled about of course.

  5. That is too sweet. Very great story. Here's my BTT

  6. A nice post, keep up the reading.


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