Booking Through Thursday (16)

Pooch asks: Overall, what factor most influences your choice of your next read?

Sefcug asks: What is it that makes you want to read a book by an author you have never read before?

To Answer Pooch, unless I have a specific schedule that a review/s needs to occur I really have no ryhme or reason to how I decide. I suppose to simply put it, I would choose whatever I was in the mood for at that time.

To Answer Sefcug, I don't tend to look at the Author so much when deciding what to read. For me it is all about the book and its premise. If the plot sounds good enough to catch my eye then I will move to reviews. I then will take the reviews into consideration, finally moving onto if I feel it will be worth my time. If the answer is yes then I will read the book. Course sometimes a book is so new that it has no reviews and in that case I will judge it usually by plot alone.

I have found so many new and exciting Authors just by taking the time to give them a shot. That is why you can't write away Self/Indie Authors because you literally never know what type of diamond your going to find in the rough!

Now for my questions, Do you read Unknown Authors often? Do you have a certain pattern to reading books? Leave me an answer in the comments below, I love reading your responses!

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  1. Since I read for my own entertainment, I read anything I'm in the mood for. I have found many new authors I love and continue to read their books. I mostly choose a new book and author by the genre of the book.

    1. It's very hard enjoying a book when your not in the mood to read it.

  2. Great answers! I too go with whatever my mood dictates unless I have a stack of review copies to read.

    As for unknown/indie authors: I love them! I think you are too right, you never know who's writing you will fall in love with. Besides, being published doesn't always equate to good writing and great stories. I try to read equal amounts of published and indie authors.


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