Review- Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Author: Heather Anastasiu
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250002990
Release Date: 8/07/2012
Goodreads Page: Click Here

In the Community, there is no more pain or war. Implanted computer chips have wiped humanity clean of destructive emotions, and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network.

When Zoe starts to malfunction (or “glitch”), she suddenly begins having her own thoughts, feelings, and identity. Any anomalies must be immediately reported and repaired, but Zoe has a secret so dark it will mean certain deactivation if she is caught: her glitches have given her uncontrollable telekinetic powers.

As Zoe struggles to control her abilities and stay hidden, she meets other glitchers including Max, who can disguise his appearance, and Adrien, who has visions of the future. Both boys introduce Zoe to feelings that are entirely new. Together, this growing band of glitchers must find a way to free themselves from the controlling hands of the Community before they’re caught and deactivated, or worse.

First off lets get the technicalities out of the way. I was given this book as an ARC through Netgalley to review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for them.


I was looking forward to this book for so long and was completely ecstatic when I was asked to review it. That being said I felt a tiny bit let down once I did. Now Glitch is written really well. Heather Anastasiu does a perfect job world building and I really felt like I could picture everything in my head as I read along. My main issue was the story didn't feel fresh. I don't read an overly huge amount of Sci-Fi but I do read enough that Glitch felt very been there done that.

Below are the main reasons why I felt Glitch let me down.

The Society- The trend at the moment seems to be that of an unemotional society. Between the time I was approved for Glitch and actually read it I can count at least several other stories with this same sort of Dystopian angle.

Corrupt Government- I know all books need villains but why does it always have to be the Government its almost to predictable.

Zoe- I wanted to like Zoe and I did but she was also the most frustrating and that can make for a hard read.

Now your probably thinking I hated the book after that but honestly no I didn't. Glitch is well written and regardless if the plot seemed tired it was still well told. I want to continue this series and see what lies ahead for the characters. I also think this book would make a fantastic movie since it is so visual. Also I have to give props to Ms. Anastasiu for her scientific knowledge. You can really see the effort she put in getting those elements right.

Final Thoughts
Glitch will certainly be a to-read series for me. Heather Anastasiu's fantastic world building and eloquence are proof of that. If your looking for a new Dystopian series to sink your teeth into then I highly recommend this book. I will be rating Glitch by Heather Anastasiu ★★★★.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book. The one thing that which I was turned off to was the made up cuss words - that bothered me.


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