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Hello lovely followers!

I'm going to be updating things a bit today so don't panic if you see the blog being messed with. One of my first changes is going to be updating my Monday Memes. I'm still going to be doing Book To Movie Monday but it will now be retitled to From The Page To Screen (followed by whatever movie/book it is). I've thought about this awhile and decided I liked that name better. That will be the only change regarding the meme as I quite like the setup I have.

In keeping with the movie theme I've decided (with the exception of blog tours, cover reveals etc...) that Mondays will be all about Movies. Starting next Monday I will be reviewing movies as well! Of course since this is first and foremost a book blog those movies will almost always (unless noted) be based on books of course!

Anywho,those are some of the small changes I'll be making today. Off to work!



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