Review: Omega Zero by Ryan Henry

Author: Ryan Henry
Title: Omega Zero
Format: E-Book
Copy Provided By: Author
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Adult
Page Length: 157
Publication Date: January 10,2013
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Trent was the epitome of an American hero, a Marine; the word itself instantly creating feelings of pride and honor. Unfortunately, Trent met the fate of so many soldiers no longer soldiering- he had no where to come home.

This novel takes you through the journey of this unlikely antihero, from a night with the dregs of the backstreets in Virginia to a post-apocalyptic world of emptiness and fear. Trent and his unlikely ally Emily encounter enemies lying in wait at every turn. They soon discover that nothing is what it seems, and survival is far from certain.

***Warning: Graphic Content and Harsh Language***


Omega Zero starts out following a Meth dealer named Trent. After a drug deal gone bad Trent ends up on the run fleeing into the Appalachian mountains. Alone for weeks on end Trent has no clue what is brewing in the world outside. Now running out of supplies and faced with starvation Trent emerges from the woods to find a vastly changed world with no rules, no morals, and worst of all no one in sight.

Wow, I didn't quite know what to expect when I accepted this book for review. I had never heard of the Author nor had I come across the book before in my daily wanderings through the web. Still even with nothing to go on the plot sounded way to good to pass up. Let me tell you I am ever so glad that I accepted Omega Zero to review. While I admit the writing was a bit green in places it still was an exceptionally captivating story.

Omega Zero isn't just the title of the book it's also the name of a nasty plague killing off the population en masse. Without giving to much away the plague itself reminds me of the one from The Stand yet with a Typhoid Mary twist. I must admit it was pretty darn neat. I especially loved all the science put into Omega Zero you can really tell that the Author did some research while creating his plague and building his world. Its definitely appreciated in a book such as this.

As for the characters while we meet Trent as a drug dealer we quickly learn he isn't a bad guy just perhaps a bit misguided. When Trent meets another immune named Emily I really thought they would end up hooking up but the relationship shockingly stayed platonic. If any Romantic intentions were had on either end they weren't expressed in this book. Could Trent and Emily become a couple later on? Sure, in fact I'd encourage the pairing. Still I quite liked that the Author chose to build the relationship on mutual respect first rather than just putting them into bed together for the sake of having a happy couple in a world that was anything but.

Overall, Would I recommend picking up this book? Yes! Even if you're hesitant for the price of a coffee you could be reading this amazing addition to the post-apocalyptic genre. I am going to throw out that the book is geared to a more mature reader. Lots of gore and adult situations especially towards the end. I really, let me stress REALLY, hope that the Author decides to write a sequel. Not just because of the sad ending but also I see the potential in the story begging to be explored further. That being said I will be rating Omega Zero by Ryan Henry ★★★★. Worth the read, worth my time, and definitely worth the price.

Now for my questions:

Have you heard of this book? If no, Do you plan on reading it?
For Fun: If a Plague broke out do you think you'd survive?
Let me know your answers in the comments below, I love reading all your responses!


  1. This sounds great! Hadn't heard of this one before, so thanks for sharing.

    1. If you like Plague based PA books then you should definitely pick this one up!

  2. "If a Plague broke out do you think you'd survive?"

    Probably not. When I wrote Omega Zero, I had the virus start out with an incubation period of 7-10 days. That's how it went worldwide. In a situation like that, most people would already be infected before word of the outbreak hit the major news outlets. Hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola or Marburg are pretty self-limiting -- most of the time, they're going to take out the carriers before they can leave the area of infection.

    Thanks for the well-written review!~R.H.

    1. Nice response, sadly you are probably right. Thanks for asking me to read/review it.


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