From Page To Screen (34) Beautiful Creatures

For this weeks From Page To Screen, I have decided to cover Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia.

First let's discuss the book. Below is the cover.
Now for a bit of back story in case some of you aren't familiar with the novel. Beautiful Creatures is written by the Authors Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Beautiful Creatures was originally published December 1,2009 by Little, Brown and Company (Penguin Publishing in the U.K.). Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural romance. After the success of the first book the Authors were approached and convinced to turn it into a series which is now known as The Caster Chronicles.

Let's take a look at some of the characters now, shall we.

Main Protagonists

Ethan Wate- A teenager living in the rural town of Gatlin.  Ethan starts having dreams about a girl only to find out she actually exists and has just moved to his town. Ethan is a popular student with plans to get out of Gatlin once he Graduates. Due to his mothers death a year before the start of Beautiful Creatures he is left to be raised by a Nanny called Amma. His father buries himself in his work only appearing to remind Ethan his home life is only suffering due to his Mothers death.

Lena Duchannes- Ethan's love interest. Since Lena is a Caster and Ethan a mortal their romance is doomed from the start. Casters cannot  be together sexually or physically with mortals without said mortal being killed. Lena is approaching her 16th birthday in the novel which is significant because it is when Casters choose whether to be dark or light good or evil basically. Lena's mother was a dark and tried killing her as baby but due to her powers she was spared although her father was not.

In case some of you aren't familiar with the movie, here is a bit of back story. Beautiful Creatures was directed by Richard LaGravenese and was released February 14,2013 by Warner Bros. Pictures. As of March 20, 2013, the film has grossed a domestic total of $19,189,880, $10 million of that being made opening weekend and has had an international total of $36,488,533. This might be due to fan hesitation accepting Alice Engert in the role of Lena Duchaness. Although It has been said that Authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl both agree that Alice Englert (Lena) is portrayed "exactly the way they pictured Lena."

Major Difference Between The Book and Film

In the book Ethan keeps hearing a song called Sixteen Moons. It is a song only Lena can hear.In the Film the song is omitted.
In the book Lena and Ethan can't touch, she actually almost kills him due to her spark on several occasions.In the Film Lena and Ethan have no problems touching each other.
In the book if Lena chooses to become a Light Witch all Dark will die vice versa if she choose Dark.In the Film if Lena chooses the Dark side she will just become really powerful and Evil.
In the book Lena's uncle is an Incubus.In the Film this is omitted entirely.
In the book Ethan has dreams about Lena.In the Film, Ethan dreams of getting out of Gatlin and heading to college.
In the book Ethan and Lena communicate telepathically, called Kelting in the book.In the Film this is omitted.
In the book the Duchaness Casters have no clue if they will become light or dark upon their sixteenth birthday, that is the curse.In the Film, in order to break the curse Lena must kill a person she loves .
In the book Ethan is a sophmore.In the Film Ethan is a junior.
In the book their is a character named Marian. She was Ethan's mothers best friend as well as librarian of the human world, and “Keeper” of all Caster secrets and books in the underground.In the Film Marian is omitted and her job of Librarian is given to Ethan's nanny Amma.
In the book Ethan accepts Lena as his "cursed" girlfriend, the dark witches have disappeared and also an omen connected to Lena's 17th birthday surfaces.In the Film after a beautiful dance in snow covered woods Lena wipes Ethan mind to help him forget her. Ethan however remembers her after a visit to the Library. The film ends with him screaming her name.

The above mentioned are the major differences I noticed From Page To Screen. I guess this leaves me having to answer Which do I prefer? I have to throw it to the book for this week. While I rather enjoyed seeing the book on screen and really love Movie Ethan, I just couldn't get past the Twilight feel of the film. I mean it felt like a rip off visually at times. Plus I personally am not a fan of the actress who plays Lena. She felt bland compared to her book counterpart. By all means watch the film. Emmy Rossum as Ridley is definitely a highlight as well as the always so wonderful to watch Emma Thompson. However if you want the true Beautiful Creatures experience read the books.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the trailer below!

Well that about wraps up this weeks From Page To Screen. Have a recommendation for an upcoming From Page To Screen, let me know in the comments below! Have you read the book or watched the film? Which did you like better? Why? Which is your favorite book in The Caster Chronicles?

Leave your answers in the comments below, I love to read your responses.Like what you see? Please share!


  1. Thank you for breaking it down like this! Love it! I enjoyed reading this series but didn't feel compelled to see the film after seeing the casting and hearing about some of the things left out. I had no idea so much had been changed! They left out the song? They can touch? Macon isn't an incubus? WTH? Really great and informative post!

    1. Thank you :) next to books movies are my closest passion which is why I really love doing these. Gives me an excuse to buy both versions lol.

  2. I was so looking forward to this movie. I was even a fan of the cast. Yet, the whole thing was such a disappointment. Aside from not being a very good representation of the book, it just was kind of a terrible movie general. I felt like they were trying too hard to jump on the YA popularity bandwagon rather than making a good movie. It's too bad, really. The story could have made a really great movie. There were so many parts I was looking forward to seeing on screen and they just weren't there or weren't up to snuff.


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