Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger (16) Blogging Pet Peeves

We all know what goes on behind the scenes at our own blogs but rarely do we lift the curtain and share those experiences with others. Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger stems from the curiosity. This week I want to talk about Pet Peeves.

Here is my confession:
pet peeve n. Informal
Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.
Ah yes pet peeves. Everyone has them. I however found that I've developed quite a few since starting my blog.  Now I'm sure to some of you these might seem like minor annoyances but for me these produce much guffawing, huffing,  eye rolling or rage depending on my mood at the time.

1. Captcha- Oh my gosh guys. I hate Captcha. Every single time I come across this on a blog I want to rage especially when the Captcha is a blur of words where I have to squint or refresh just to read it. I understand spam is a problem trust me I do but is it really a captcha worthy problem. I honestly doubt it (least for the majority of blogs I see who use it). I can't speak for anyone else but personally if I can't read the captcha after two tries I simply won't comment. 

2. Generic Review Requests- If you blog I'm sure you have received one of these requests at least once. 
Dear ____ ,
I want to offer you the opportunity to review my book Banana Hammock pants. I think your blog ______ would be a great fit. I see you even like the same genres as I do, I know my book will be a great fit for your blog! Thank you ____ for considering my request. 
Thank You,
Lazy Author

Clearly these Authors were given standard letters to send out and never figured out that the blanks were meant to input the reviewers info into the request. I used to respond back declining these style requests but I've gotten to the point where I realize they are just spam so to the trash bin they go. Note to Authors: I'd rather see my name spelt wrong than not at all. Just you know in case you're wondering. 

3. Cover changes mid series- As much as I hate bade covers I actually hate these more these just a touch more. This is especially true when they happen either mid point or at the end of a series. I really, really wish publishers would realize that mid series cover changes piss off readers. I firmly believe both covers should be available until the series has concluded. After that they can switch to the new style completely. If a publisher makes this happen I and thousands of other readers would be ever so grateful.

4. Bad font size- Super teeny tiny scrolling font might look cool but depending on the computer of the person viewing your blog it might be incredibly hard to read. This also goes for super light fonts on an already light background. I shouldn't need to highlight the entire post just to read it. When in doubt check your blog from multiple sources (tablet, laptop, mobile etc..) if you can read it clearly across all devices awesome! You chose a good font. If you can't however. Save all of us the eye strain and please for the love of god pick something else. 

5. Short generic comments- I love comments, please leave them lol. Whenever someone takes the time to visit and leave a comment I consider it a blogging win. However, I really don't like when someone leaves something so obviously copied and pasted that it has zero personalization whatsoever. I found this image online which pretty much sums up a spammy, zero thought, blog comment. 
See what I mean now. Or what is even worse is when someone leaves a comment that resembles something like this. 
                     That book looks nice. (Insert link to own blog) 
I pretty much pull a McKayla Maroney whenever I spot one of these. Not impressed I am.
These are the majority of my blogging pet peeves. I don't have many but as you can see I do have a few.

Now that you've read my confession, Tell me some of yours:

Do you have any Blogging Pet Peeves?? 
If so, Care to share a few?

Leave your responses in the comments below, I love reading them and seeing your feedback. Have a question? Leave that as well and I'll try and answer it.
That about wraps up this weeks confessions from a blogger.  Thanks for stopping by and reading,sharing, or commenting on this post. As always, it is appreciated.


  1. I have several blogging pet peeves. I hate when the Follow button is not readily visible, especially if it is a requirement for a giveaway. I loathe blogs that begin playing music when I open their page. It's startling and annoying. And I definitely agree with you about the Captcha, I can never decipher those things!

    1. Blogs with music are annoying but thankfully I don't encounter them often. I always know when a blog has media playing on it because my computer bogs down.

  2. Girl, you are 91% done with your Goodreads goal for the year... Holy crap.

    I agree with every one of these. My biggest pet peeve is when I see a blogger post the exact same comment on every single blog they visit.

    1. Yes! That really bugs me as well.

      Oh huzzah!! I knew I was close but haven't been keeping close track.

  3. I hate Captcha!! I often just don't leave a comment, depending on how involved the Captcha is...

    And I actually do get a lot of those generic comments you were talking about, and they are actually spam! Written by a robot, so they aren't real. Usually my spam filter catches them, but sometimes one makes it past and I just delete it.

    1. I'm not afraid to delete comments I think are spam. Usually spam filter catches them but if not then I'll delete manually.

  4. Captcha *rolls eyes* apparently I am a robot cause I can never, ever get it right on the fist try..grr! I got a letter from an author today with this for a greeting:
    Take a guess where I filled that request! Swirly font drives me insane as does completely black backgrounds, i have trouble reading white on black, and as someone who is anal and likes things to match..yeah cover changes mid-series kill me!! Lovely list of pet-peeves, and I agree about those spammy comments as well! I would add music, it scares me every time!

    1. I hope my font isn't to hard to read then. Mine is a grey white color font. I tried white but it hurt my eyes and made me see double from the glow.

  5. well darn, you cannot see the html code for inserting bloggers name for mass emails on the email i got. Oh well it was funny though.

  6. Oh yes cover change in the middle of series pisses the hell out of me. It kills me to look at them and I'd rather sell my books then. Also I agree about font size or color. I never understood blogs with for example red background and green font! It hurts my eyes. Great post! :)

  7. HAHAHAHA I have NEVER gotten an email with ____ in it. Although I have received emails with the wrong blog's name in the blank spot. Or my favorite, they spell my name wrong... with an E. (I know you can relate)

    I flipping HATE captcha! I wrote a rambling about it a few weeks ago that I haven't yet published on the blog. It drives me to drink. No, seriously, I hate it. I started to add a p.s. to my comments when I came across them, in case they didn't know it was on... then I thought that was rude so I stopped. LoL Now, if a blog I follow has it, I unfollow them. I hate the captchas that much. I'm so over it that I don't even bother to take the time to even try anymore.

    1. Ever watch Star Trek? You know how Kirk yells Khan?? That's how I feel whenever someone spells my name with an en. Drives me batty.

  8. Ooo can I just second....all of those?!

    I'll add one in. It's just a tiny one but in reviews where they don't link to the book on Goodreads or Amazon or somewhere. So you have to go searching. I'm totally lazy. I like being able to click right through. LOL

    Ahh, okay, two peeves. If I comment somewhere I really appreciate getting a response back so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself, ya know? I try on the blog to comment back to everyone. Doesn't always happen but for the most part I get em :)


    Oh and Book Sniffers Anonymous sent me your way! I was looking for other adult book bloggers that are friendly and interactive and she totally pimped you :)

    1. Huzzah! Thanks Kristin :)

      I totally hate when someone doesn't link the book. I also hate when someone doesn't post the cover as well. If they have no links I can at least memorize it to search for later.

  9. Ok, Anna from Herding Cats sent me your way (She's right there^^) And I instantly love you lol.

    But seriously - Banana Hammock Pants - I might read it...if it's a graphic novel. It is, right?!?! :)

    My pet peeve is when... I don't know. I think you covered them pretty damn well!!

    I'm off to peek at the rest of your site. I heard you like zombies... could this be true?? I need to find out!

    1. Wow, well thanks Herding Cats and welcome Liz!

      Banana Hammock Pants is sadly fake. Would make an awesome title though right?! Just imagine the cover possibilities as well.

      As for the Zombies..... I totally love them!!

    2. Awesome!!! I love meeting new zombie fans! :) It gets me through until The Walking Dead comes back on lol.

  10. Thank you for the validation giggle :) I do not have a blog, but I follow many and so agree with the captcha. Few things are so annoying as spending a significant amount of time on a comment and then not be able to post it because I cannot read the darn things LOL As a blog follower, I also agree with the font issue. I follow a lot of blogs and it is impossible to visit them all every day, but when I take the time to stop by, I would love to be able to read the post. As a follower pet peeve - I have to say being instructed to leave a "meaningful comment" is a biggy for me. If I take the time to comment, even if it is a simple thank you for sharing with me, it is heartfelt and meaningful to me. It means that I took my time to visit the site out of several hundred I follow and read the post and leave a little note that I was there and appreciated it. I do not always have a great profound message to share about a review or discussion or whatever the post is about. I am finding more and more that I will not comment if I am instructed on how I should comment. I get not wanting spam - that is only right and I so agree, but if I don't have any more to say . . . Thank you for sharing this fun post and letting me rant ;)

    1. Rant ahead, I don't mind. I figure as long as the comment is not spam whatever is left is meaningful enough. Sometimes a thanks for sharing is all that really needs to be said.

  11. I 100% agree about Captcha; I'm no blogging expert and I don't really feel qualified to give out advice or anything but I will rail against Captcha until the cows come home because it's the worst.

  12. LMAO I have a lot. i hate when someone doesnt comment on my post and advertises thier blog


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