Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger (18) Don't you just hate....(excuse me while I ramble away)

We all know what goes on behind the scenes at our own blogs but rarely do we lift the curtain and share those experiences with others. Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger stems from the curiosity.

Here is my confession: 

Don't you just hate when you forget to put up a post on time? Usually I schedule my Waiting On Wednesday posts a week in advance but this past week I just didn't get around to it. When I woke up this morning and realized my fail I kicked myself. Now this might not seem like a big deal to you but for me I blog on a schedule which means if my Waiting On Wednesday isn't up by a certain time it doesn't go up that week at all. I know it's silly but I have a rule and that is don't post late. Of course this rule only applies to memes I participate in not to those hosted by others.  IF I happen to miss posting a promotional post on time I'll put it up a.s.a.p., apologize for my tardiness and move on with life.

Anyway, I guess this week is more of a ranty ramble than much else but I'm rather annoyed with myself and just felt the need to talk about it. 

Now that you've read my confession, Tell me some of yours:

How do you handle late posts?? 
Do you post late or like me once it hits a certain time they don't go up?

Leave your responses in the comments below, I love reading them. Have a question? Leave that as well and I'll try and answer it.
That about wraps up this weeks confessions from a blogger.  Thanks for stopping by and reading,sharing, or commenting on this post. As always, it is appreciated.


  1. :) My posts go up at 6 in the morning on the dot. But if it doesn't (like today's post), I don't lose much sleep over it. We all have our nuances, I guess.

  2. I schedule my post for 12am on the date they are due to be on the blog. I don't do a whole lot of memes, but it I missed one I'd just schedule to post the following week and then move everything else one week further out.

  3. I just post it for 12 AM and if I miss it, I still post it at that time and so what if it didn't go up right at that time? This just happened to me actually and I still set the time as usual even though it was already after 6.


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