From Page To Screen (54) Help!

I need some help deciding what sort of Books turned Films you'd like to see on here in the future. While I certainly could keep doing these myself I think it would be nice to hear what you good people enjoy seeing.

So I ask, Do you prefer Dramas? Horror? Science Fiction? Young Adult? Historical? Any particular book turned film that I haven't covered that you'd like to see (Find Full list Here)? Anything you don't care for?  Just leave me your responses in the comments below. It would help me out big time!

I'll be back next week with an all new From Page To Screen where I tackle Beastly by Alex Flinn so make sure to stop by and check that out. 


  1. I'm going to be no help whatsoever but I find all of them interesting even if it's not a genre that I'd normally watch/read. Plus, you come out with FPtS posts of movies that I never knew were books or had never heard of before.
    Do you have a page of FPtS links from previous posts? I see the movie and book reviews but not sure if there's a listing of your feature somewhere. You've done a lot of them, and I don't remember them all.

    1. The page was linked in the post but you can find the full list by clicking here or you can find the link on my memes tab.

  2. I read mostly YA these days, so those are the ones that appeal to me the most, though I definitely like seeing any book-to-movie comparison you do on here. ;) I don't think I saw The Golden Compass on your list...I loved that series, though the first book definitely wasn't my favorite. The movie was also not a favorite adaptation. :(

    Oh, and I hope you give the Beastly comparison the what-for...not great book does not make for a great movie...but that's just my two cents. I pretty much only watched for the eye candy...and only once it was free on cable. :P

    1. Yeah Beastly is er special.... Thanks for the input about The Golden Compass I'll add that to my list for the future!


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