Save a turkey, Feed a Zombie!

For one day only the Amazing Zombie Authors listed below will be offering up select titles on Kindle for only .99! Books make perfect gifts and for only .99 cents you can't go wrong. While your at it why not hop on over to Facebook and join in on the Zombie festivities by clicking here. Throughout the day the Authors below will be sharing stories, answering questions and just all around being awesome.

First Activation - D. A. Wearmouth
Autumn: The Human Condition - David Moody
Last Bastion of the Living - Rhiannon Frater

The Living Dead Boy - Rhiannon Frater
The Infection - Craig DiLouie
Domain of the Dead- Iain McKinnon
Downfall and Betrayal - Michael S Gardner
The Forgotten - Jackie Druga
Six Feet From Hell: Crisis - Joseph A. Coley
Game of Straws  - SB Knight
Beyond the Barriers - Tim W. Long

Z-Risen: Outbreak - Tim W. Long
Fish to Die For (666 Fish) - Keith Milstead
The Undead Situation - Eloise J. Knapp
Roms, Bombs & Zoms - Katie Cord (Evil Girlfriend Media)
Epic Apocalypse - Apocalyptic Box Set ($1.99) James Cook, John O'Brien, Joe McKinney,
Armand Rosamilia, Heath Stallcup, Shawn Chesser, and Mark Tufo

So why wait til tomorrow? Go feed a Zombie today!

Edit: The awesome folks at Permuted Press have extended the sale of Tim W. Long's Beyond the Barriers, Eloise J. Knapp's The Undead Situation, Iain McKinnon's Domain of the Dead, and Craig DiLouie's The Infection through Sunday!


  1. I once tried to tell the Mr. that I wanted to do a vegetarian Thanksgiving. That's when I got "the look". I may not be able to save a turkey but I'll feed a few zombies.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. Hehehe sorry Kristin I totally have to agree with the Mr. lol. Hope you found some awesome new books to read.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up, Kristin! I haven't read any zombie books in a while. I should give a few of these a try:)


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