Top Ten Books I Regret Not Reading in 2013

Any of us who read books on a consistent basis will eventually find ourselves in the same predicament. So many books, so little time. We try to get them all in each year but sometimes it just doesn't happen. This year my list wasn't nearly as large as it was last year at this time  but I still nonetheless had to whittle it down to the Top Ten that I really regret not reading this past year. As always I still plan to read these books in the future and you will probably see me talking about them quite soon but for now they either sit on a desk or Kindle neglected. So sorry you lovely books but I am only one person who just has not enough hours in the day to get to you all. 

Anyway enough of my rambling.... In no particular order here are my Top Ten Books I Regret Not Reading In 2013:

10.) The Program by Suzanne Young
I've said it what feels like a billion times but I really need to read this one. I meant to but whenever I went to purchase a copy I saw another book I desperately wanted and the poor Program was reshelved yet again. I am going to try really hard to get to it in January or possibly February....

9.) The Farm by Emily McKay
The Farm was released right at the end of 2012 and was one of the books I had on my Christmas list last year. Well I didn't end up receiving it (to be fair I had about 30 books on that list) and I admit to completely forgetting it until around midyear but by then I was knee deep in so many to read it was pushed aside again.  I don't know when I'll get to this one but I'm going to try and knock it out soon now that I finally have a copy!

8.) Orleans by Sherri L. Smith
I had every intention of reading this one but was put off by a few less than favorable reviews from bloggers whose opinions usually fall close to my own. I do regret not reading it though which is why it's on my list.

7.) The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Since this books release back in May I've heard almost nothing but high praise for this title from Bloggers and friends alike. I suppose that is why I haven't started it. I dread being the one who dislikes it. I mean it could and probably would be the opposite but I still have that nagging suspicion that it might not be. I''m diving into this one very shortly though so we shall see.

6.) Half Lives by Sara Grant
2013 seemed to be the year for Apocalyptic Fiction which normally I'm all about. However, I found myself being overwhelmed by the time this one released and so Half Lives was put onto a shelf never to be heard from again. I still have intentions to read it but I guess I'm still not in any real hurry to either since I didn't actually get to it.

5.) The Life Beyond by Susanne Winnacker
I loved The Other Life when I read it last year and was looking forward to this one being released. Unfortunately just days before publication the title was pulled by the publisher leaving the books publication in limbo for a few months. The book was eventually published by the Author but by then I had sort of lost my excitement for it unfortunately (especially due to its needed cover change which admittedly I love but doesn't match first book at all).

4.) The Lives We Lost by Megan Crewe
I can't really say why I never got around to this one. I was part of the street team, involved with promoting and even chose it for my Waiting On Wednesday and yet when it came time to read it I passed it by. Since the 3rd book is releasing in February I have every intention of buckling down and starting this one in the New Year.

3.) Storm by Evan Angler
Technically I've started this one but since I still have yet to finish it onto the list it goes. I really have no excuse for not finishing except for my own OCD when it comes to pretty new titles that take precedence. I suppose I should finish this one soon since Spark (Swipe #4) released in November and I really hate getting behind in series.

2.) The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
I actually was approved to read this one early through Edelweiss but I didn't receive notification about being so.  When I eventually noticed that I had been the titled had been archived already *boo* . I did buy a copy for myself around my Birthday back in Sept. but my reading schedule combined with daily life hasn't allowed me to sit down and start this one.

1.) The Trap by Andrew Fukuda
OK don't laugh but my non reading of this one simply comes from being cheap. Since I've been reading this series through Audiobook I want to continue doing so with this title. However, since I no longer carry an Audible membership I'd have to pay full price to do so and if you don't read many Audiobooks full price titles are usually expensive! I've been biding my time until the title goes on sale and then I'll snap it up and devour it.

Well there ya go my Top Ten Books I Regret Not Reading In 2013.
 Have you read any of these? If so, Which ones? 
What Books do you regret not reading?
 Leave your answer in the comments below, I love reading your responses.

Come back every day until New Years where I'll be wrapping up all my Favorites of 2013!


  1. I should make this list! Although then I will be filled with self loathing lol

    I NEED to read The 5th Wave and The Farm is on my shelf as well.

    I adored The Program! That was one I wanted o make sure I read before the year ended.

    1. You should make a list. I'd at least like to read it. :)

  2. I, too, need to make a list like this, but even this type of list would be hard to whittle down to just ten. I have a copy of The Farm that I haven't read either. Isn't the sequel already out? And you really have to get to The Program and The 5th Wave. I recently read the sequel to The Program (it's a duet, not a trilogy, if that helps) and it was pretty great, too. And I understand your hesitation with The 5th Wave, I do. But I think you'll like it. For the most part, I think the romance was pretty understated compared to the crazy aliens trying to end the human race aspect. :P


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