Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger (22) Co-Blogging

We all know what goes on behind the scenes at our own blogs but rarely do we lift the curtain and share those experiences with others. Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger stems from the curiosity. This week I wanted to talk about Co-Blogging.

Here is my confession: 

I feel like I need to state up front that these are my own personal opinions. I realize your opinions may differ and that mine might even be frowned upon by those in the blogosphere. That being said, this week I want to talk about Co-Blogging.

Lately some of my favorite blogs have opted to go the Co-Blogging route. It came as quite a shock to me as I've only ever known them as singular bloggers. In each instance I knew the bloggers joining them (at least in passing) and have nothing against them personally, however, that didn't change the fact that I was disappointed, no, let's say let down that these blogs I loved chose the Co-Blogging route and here's why:

I chose these blogs to follow because I loved the voice of the owner, they spoke to me as a reader and our opinions almost always were on the same wavelength. If I wanted to hear the thoughts of others I'd follow them. I realize this might seem selfish or maybe even rude but it is how I feel.

Another thing I don't particularly care for is the fact the content has changed. Where these blogs might've originally been heavily into say Young Adult or all things Sci-Fi now I find more content for stuff I don't particularly care for on them. I'm sure for the blogger knowing they can expand the content of their blog without reading genres they don't particularly enjoy is great but as a reader it just means less time I visit since half of stuff posted isn't something I'm interested in.

Lastly, the idea of Co-Blogging is scary for me. Not just the idea of giving up creative control of my "baby" but also their is a slew of legal ramifications for those who decide to do so. Seriously, do a quick Google. It is so much more risky being a Co-Blogger than a singular one. I don't want to see my favorite bloggers taken out of the game because of something their Co-Blogger does. While I'm sure the people they've chosen are lovely it only takes one time for the site you've worked hard for to come crashing down. Maybe it's an irrational fear and maybe I shouldn't care so much but I can't help it. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum though I can see the appeal of Co-Blogging and why so many have taken up the call to do so. 

One of the best arguments for Co-Blogging is that it allows the owner flexibility to enjoy the world outside of their blog. They can be comforted in the knowledge that content will still be posted while they are away.

Another thing which I sort of mentioned above is getting to share content outside of their personal comfort zone. I know for me I don't like Romance or Contemporary books so if I had a Co-Blogger who does I'd open up my blog to a whole new set of readers. It's a win-win. 

Lastly, with a Co-Blogger I could run features where we both shared our opinions simultaneously. One blog I follow that has recently gained a new Co-Blogger has a weekly feature like this and despite all my misgivings with Co-Blogging I really enjoy it.

Personally though Co-blogging would probably add more stress to my blogging than it would in helping relieve it. I love creating new content, writing reviews and discussing topics that might not always be popular with the masses. I feel like in order to keep myself interested, I need to be in control.  Having to share my blog would take away some of that specialness I feel at running it by myself! Through the years I've learned that it is OK to take a step back when I need a break. I even don't mind collaborating on projects from time to time but doing so full time, I am just too selfish to do so. Blood,Sweat and Books is my blog baby. I've spent all this time nurturing my brand and seeing it grow. Is it so wrong to selfishly want to keep it that way? This blogger doesn't think so.

Now that you've read my confession, Tell me some of yours:

What do you think about Co-Blogging? 
If you currently Co-Blog what are some of the positives?
If you don't, Would you consider it?

Leave your responses in the comments below, I love reading them. Have a question? Leave that as well and I'll try and answer it.
That about wraps up this weeks confessions from a blogger.  Thanks for stopping by and reading,sharing, or commenting on this post. As always, it is appreciated.


  1. I've noticed a few blogs that I read doing the same thing, maybe we're talking about the same ones! For me, it hasn't bothered me so much. And I do enjoy those moments when they get together and have a conversation. But I'm with you, Kristin. I can't imagine giving up control and having to collaborate with someone. It would be like having a real job and having to deal with co-workers!


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