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This Week BTT Asks:
Do you have a favorite book?
 What do you say when people ask you?
And, has your favorite book changed over the years??

As you yourself mentioned, the question flummoxes me as well. I definitely have Favorite books but I wouldn't say I have one that reigns supreme over all the others like some evil overlord. Depending on genre my picks differ and I'll give you a couple examples below in case you're curious.

Favorite Children's Books
The Velveteen Rabbit
Anne of Green Gables
Where The Sidewalk Ends

Favorite Middle Grade/Young Adult Books
Harry Potter Series
 The Immortal Rules
His Fair Assassin Series
My Sweet Audrina
Demon In My View

Favorite Fantasy Books
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
The Xanth Series

OK, I think that is enough for now. Honestly, it would take like 10 pages to list them all and I'm sure you'd be bored before even reaching the end. Anywho in short, the above mentioned are some of my favorite books but nowhere near all of them.I could never pick just one considering the millions of books in existence.If you can though, I'd love to hear what it is and why it is your favorite.

Now for my questions:
Do you have a singular Favorite book?
If yes, What is it?
 If no, Do you have Favorites in multiple genres like I do?
What are some of your Favorite books?

Leave your comments below or if you participate in Booking Through Thursday leave me your links so I can check your posts out as well!


  1. Okay, well my answer for this is fairly obvious :) But I do understand your indecisiveness here, even still. It's hard to pick favourites among books that are so special to you! I like your choices though.

  2. My automatic kneejerk answer, that is very honest, is Anne Rice - Queen Of The Damned. But the longer you give me to answer, the longer my list gets!

  3. I don't have just one favourite. It's too difficult to choose! I listed some of my favourites on my blog.

    I think I read Demon in My View many years ago. Reading Amelia Atwater-Rhodes was my first exposure to vampire books.

  4. I'm with you - I need to categorize my favorites and then list them! Favorite children's books have to include The Borrowers, The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, and everything Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein. Middle Readers would include The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Harry Potter Series, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Other categories would be Classics, Cozy Mysteries, and Historic Fiction.


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