Let's Reminisce Together (4) That time Teddy Ruxpin gave us all nightmares

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Good day fellow followers! It's Thursday, which means it is time for another edition of Let's Reminisce Together. This week I want to look back at Read Along Adventures aka AudioBooks for kids.

Audio Books today are of course delivered electronically (mostly) and can be listened to from practicually any device that has speakers (laptops, E-Readers, Cell Phones etc...) but remember when you needed a tape recorder or record player to listen to them?? Enter, Read Along Adventures. One of my favorite things about growing up in the 80's was listening to books on tape. I would carry my little record player with me everywhere and pretend to read the books I was listening too. Some of the coolest stories came from Movies and if a movie was popular enough you'd bet your bottom dollar a Read-Along Adventure was shortly to follow.

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I also remember listening to books through devices such as Teddy Ruxpin or the Mother Goose version which my cousin had. I don't really remember her using it all that much but her parents dropped a boat load of cash to get one and I distinctly remember being jealous because my parents said it was a waste of money and an unnecessary purchase. Pfft....parents.

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Worlds Of Wonder Toy 1986

But while she might have had the cool talking doll, I had Star Wars! The books were actually my brothers but since we shared a lot growing up I got to listen to them as well. In fact, I think I listened to the original trilogy before even seein  the films. That is if I am remembering correctly. I kick myself all the time that I had my parents donate those books.  My kids will never know the joy of listening to those records. Nor hearing that god forsaken ping that alerted you to turn the page. Although I did learn that some very kind soul has compiled a catalog of the Read Along Adventure books and converted them to MP3's. You can even download the books and turn the page on the computer along with the story. I haven't checked any of them out but the idea is really cool. You can check out that site by visiting http://www.readalongadventures.com

Check out more @ http://thestarwarstrilogy.com

As For Teddy, I never actually owned one despite all my pleas but I knew plenty of kids who did and I think it is safe to say that toy probably created a generation of future book lovers.

That about wraps up this weeks Throwback Thursday. 
Did you listen to read along adventures as a child?
If so, which book was your favorite?

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