Review: Snow and Ash (Endless Winter #1) by Theresa Shaver

Publication Date: April 11,2015
Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Young Adult

Bomb after bomb dropped across the globe sending the world tumbling into a seemingly never ending nuclear winter. 
Skylar Ross is ten that day when she’s ripped from dance classes and sleepovers to being an orphan in a prepper’s paradise of a mountain bunker. Her determination to protect her baby brother keeps her locked away with nothing but responsibility and loneliness. Her father’s words are a continuous echo, “Trust no one. Help no one.” 

Rex Larson is eleven that day. He’s left stranded on the side of the road in a strange place far from home when his mother dies the first day. With his own small brother to look after he is lost and alone. Rex has no choice but to trust complete strangers with his and his brother’s future. 

Two different survivors in two different circumstances spend the next seven years trying to survive until an explosive meeting changes both their courses and lives forever. Trust is almost impossible when your whole life is spent in the Snow & Ash. 

*Small Spoilers Below

Snow and Ash was a book I went into without any prior knowledge about the series or the Author. Like finding a diamond in the rough this book was a complete surprise for me. Not only was Snow and Ash a thrilling read but the characters were complex and fleshed out nicely. 

One of the things I really enjoyed about this story was the lack of Zombies or other mutated big bads. While I do love a good monster apocalypse, it was kind of nice just reading a story about the human experience. As you can tell this was a Nuclear apocalypse so not only do the characters have to contend with fallout, nuclear winter and tainted supplies but also finding adequate shelter away from all that. You can understand why Skylar finds herself in quite the predicament because of that. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about Snow and Ash were the characters. Skylar and Rex couldn't be in any different of circumstances and yet they still want the same things family, safety and to be loved. I really enjoyed following both Rex and Skylar's viewpoints as the story unfolds. Going into it I really thought Rex would have the tougher time but in the end I think he actually had it easier. Sure, he had to scavenge on a near daily basis and roving bands of thugs were always an issue but he had human interaction and he could feel the air on his skin and the earth under his feet. Skylar being in such a regulated atmosphere really ended up being a bit spoiled despite not exactly having a life of freedom that safety afforded her. 

Lastly, I really liked the lack of romance. I know, I know, some of you really like romance and yes, it does have a place in a story but I was just glad that this time it wasn't the sole focus whenever interactions with the opposite sex took place.

Now although I really enjoyed Snow and Ash I did have one minor issue with it and that was Skylars shelter itself. OK, I know, were supposed to believe two guys with illegally smuggled military supplies and funds built this badass shelter but I just don't buy it. Also it really irked me that the Father wasn't willing to help anyone at the onset and then later on goes "We'll need to help rebuild." or something like that. I mean, WTF do you really believe you can help carry out loads of supplies without a single person wondering where the main bunker is and really, were two kids going to be that much burden when you yourself exclaim you have supplies for years?? Logistics aside, eventually Skylar is going to want male companionship so why waste a golden opportunity to have her grow up with some?? I just didn't get it and his lack of reasoning bugged me. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Snow and Ash. Yes, the story had a few bumps along the way but those really were minor issues compared to my overall enjoyment with the story. 

With that being said, I'll be rating Snow and Ash by Theresa Shaver ★★★★.

*Copy reviewed purchased. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which for providing them.

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  1. Good characters and lack of romance sounds great to me!

    1. I hope you get the chance to read this at some point. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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