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I am so excited to be hosting my first Zurvival Saturday. I love Zombies but I realize that might not be everyone else cup of tea so that it how I came up with Zurvival Saturday. Anything Zombie related will be posted here. Some weeks it might be book reviews others it might just be Zombie content related. That being said this weeks Honor goes to The Walking Dead. This Sunday February 12th The Walking Dead returns from Hiatus and boy have I been waiting in anticipation. Now for those of you not up to snuff on all things The Walking Dead here is a brief overview of how it came about.

In 2003 Robert Kirkman (Robert Kirkman Wiki) along with Artist Tony Moore created the series in Black and White Comic form. The Comics produced monthly chronicles the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes and his family as they struggle to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

In August 2009 AMCannounced it had picked up the rights to the Comic Series. Frank Darabont was set to serve as Writer,Director and Executive Producer. In May 2010 the Series started filming. It's first season had 6 episodes (Episode List). Season 1 Debuted on October 31,2010 and was an automatic success from the get go. No surprise to anyone The Walking Dead was greenlit for a second Season and 13 Episodes were ordered. The Second Season debuted on October 16, 2011.

Now that your all caught up. Let's talk about the Characters (TV).

The Grimes Family

Rick Grimes- Rick is a small town sheriff who wakes from a coma to find himself stuck smack in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. What a hell of a way to wake up eh?

Lori Grimes- Rick's wife and mother to their son carl. She escaped early on with Ricks best friend and partner Shane Walsh (they thought Rick was dead). They flee to the CDC in Atlanta hoping for protection and answers.

Carl Grimes- Son of Rick and Lori. Along with his mother he followed Shane to Atlanta.

Main Characters

Shane Walsh- Best friend to Rick. He guides Carl and Lori safely to Atlanta. Eventually (before Ricks survival is known) he and Lori start a relationship together.

Andrea- Older sister to Amy. Caught in the Zombie Apocalypse while on a road trip together.

Amy- Younger sister to Andrea.

Dale Horvath- Owner of a Winnebago that helps aid in the survival of the others. He and Andrea have a particularly tight bond.

Glenn- A Pizza delivery boy who knows every shortcut in Atlanta. He is the gopher of the group seemingly because of his small stature and quick speed at avoiding the Walkers.

T-Dog- A large African American Man. He helps the group gather supplies and has proven his usefulness on many an occasion.

Carol Peletier- Mother to daughter Sophia. Wife to Ed an Abusive, controlling man who died from a zombie bite early on.

Sophia and Ed Peletier- Carol's daughter and husband.

Daryl Dixon- The groups resident Hunter and all around badass. Younger Brother to Merle.

Merle Dixon- Daryl's older brother. Redneck to the core and a bit racist. He goes missing after he is left shackled to a rooftop. Only evidence found is his sawed off hand. Status is unknown.

Other notable Characters

Hershel Greene- Owns a Farmhouse where the group resides. Father to Maggie and Beth he has a very traditional way of thinking and doesn't trust the group.

Maggie Greene- Daughter of Hershel. Falls in Love with Glenn but keeps the relationship secret as she knows her father wouldn't approve.

Otis- Hunter for the Greene family. He shoots Carl on Accident thus leading the group to Hershels farm in the first place.

Caught up? Great. Why I love this show goes so much beyond just the grrr Zombie aspect of it. The characters are so richly developed. I can feel the struggle and sense of loss when they talk about things they have lost. The character Daryl Dixon is particularly my favorite. I feel he's the most relatable. No, no I'm not some crazy redneck. I just mean that his sense of survival is relatable. He's not weighed down by guilt. He's come to terms that these people are dead and it's either him or them. I'd rather it be the later wouldn't you? Plus he carries a crossbow and that's just pure sexiness right there.

Secondly I like that the show portrays the down times and not just action kill of the week. I know lots of fans griped about this in the first half of Season 2 but I couldn't understand why. Sure it wasn't exciting every moment but in a realistic survival scenario this is prob how it would be. Yes everyone would be on guard but life and daily chores still need to progress and that sometimes means cooking, cleaning and tending to the garden and repairing vehicles.

I love this show and hope it continues on for many years. I want to see what happens between Lori and Shane. Does Rick ever lose his composure and suffer a nervous breakdown. Does Carl ever meet a girlfriend and get to experience his first kiss. I care about these characters and it's rare for a show made today to do that.

One day I do plan to read the comics but for now I am plenty content with watching the show. I hope if you weren't a fan before now that you check it out. If you were a fan well then leave a comment down below and let me know your favorite character(s) and why.

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