Zurvival Saturday (59) Short stories and Graphic Novels

Recently I've had the pleasure of reading some pretty awesome Zombie based short stories. I'm usually not an overly huge short story reader but when both of these crossed my radar I knew I had to read them.

First up is a short story called Kellie's Diary.  This book was great and most surprisingly it boldly shows the zombie apocalypse from the POV of a child's eyes and most amazingly Kellie's Diary pulls it off in under 50 pages. Here's what I thought about Kellie's Diary after reading:

While short I am thoroughly impressed with Kellie's Diary. Kellie is a young child whose managed to survived through the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse. Kellie having no other survivors to talk with shares all her fears and experiences with her diary "barbie". Be prepared though it is quite sad seeing all the death and destruction through a child's eyes but I'm telling you it is worth it in the end.

Overall, Kellie's Diary is one of the most unique novellas I've read in awhile and I cannot wait to see more from this brave little girl. I highly recommend picking this one up and giving it a go. My only small little gripe about this novella was the fact I couldn't really tell it was set in the early 90's and based on the description that's supposed to be important. Does it ruin the book at all? No, but a few references here and their couldn't hurt either.


Next up is a short story I actually finished yesterday called Zombie Revelations. I read it in PDF which made it 26 pages long but according to Kindle it actually has a page count of 43.   This short story took me by surprise but wow was I left impressed. Here's my thoughts about Zombie Revelations after reading:

Zombie Revelations starts with a wedding being interrupted by the Undead. From that point on things escalate quickly and the action is pretty much non stop. Considering the length of Zombie Revelations it was a great short story. Most surprisingly of all is how the Author managed to fit in a bit of back story, potential cause for the plague and character development successfully in only 26 pages. Really, well done. Since the ending is definitely left open I'd really love seeing more of this story. I'm not sure if Zombie Revelations will be expanded into a full book but I certainly hope it is.

 Both of the shorts mentioned above were well written, unique, zombie gems that challenged me to rethink my position on short stories.  Until reading I never would of believed one could successfully pull off a Zombiefied world  with back story and decent character development in under 100 pages. So needless to say I highly recommend picking both of these up when you get the chance. 

Next I want to talk about The Hollow's by Amanda Hocking being transformed into a Graphic Novel. According to Amanda Hocking this will be a 10 book series released online only. However, a paperback copy of the entire series will be available later this year! I picked this up on the first day it was released and devoured it so quickly. What I loved about The Hollow's Graphic Novel is the fact it didn't just rehash the book. We actually were given glimpses into the characters lives before the onset of the virus. Also Ripley's origins are revealed and not going to lie I  fangirled so hard when I read that. I love Ripley the Zombie slaying lion so much. While I haven't officially reviewed this yet I think it is pretty safe to say I loved it!!  Also check out that cover, Can you guess which character it is?? Ten points if you do!

If you want to start the Graphic Novel here's your chance. Just checked Amazon and it is still Free!! I'll link it up below the cover in case you want to pick it up.

Now for this weeks questions! 
Do you read short stories?
Have you heard of any of the shorts I've mentioned above?
Do you read Graphic Novels?
If so, recommend me a series!
Well that about wraps up this weeks Zurvival Saturday. Come back next week where I'll be hosting a Giveaway for one of you to win a signed copy of the  Zombie Novel Red Century by Jacob Mandel.  As always like what you see? Please share if you do.  Have a question or comment? Leave that in the comments section below. I love reading all your responses and appreciate that you take the time to leave them.

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