Zurvival Saturday (63) Feminine Hygiene during a Zombie Apocalypse

Sorry guys, this week it's all about the ladies. You've been warned.

This week I want to take a moment to talk about Feminine Hygiene during a Zombie Apocalypse.

Alright ladies, you know Tampons/Pads won't last forever right? So what's a girl to do when Aunt Flo decides to visit after your last box ran out? Well thankfully, in this day and age you have several options. Of course it should be said some of these options should be purchased before disaster happens and thrown in your bug out bag or survival kit. This will also give you the chance to try each out and find what works for you.

Ever heard of the menstrual cup? A menstrual cup looks sort of like a funnel. It sits inside the vagina during menstruation to collect the fluid. Unlike tampons and pads, the cup is reusable up to 10 years and is made from medical grade silicone so it sits comfortably inside of you which makes removal and insertion a snap. Oh and best of all these collect 3x more than even the best tampons so it requires less changes. Of course this product does require water to clean it so if water is scarce you might need back up options as well.

This next product is reusable pads. You can buy many environmentally friendly and cute options now before SHTF or if you wait until later you could make them yourself. Reusable pads are nothing new. Women have been using them for hundreds of years. Reusable pads can be made from layers of fabric sewn together and stuffed with wool, cotton, plant matter or even wood pulp. Like the cup these will require washing but kept well maintained should last 5-10 years.
Here's a link if you want to research how to make them for yourself: http://www.diapersewing.com/clothpads.htm

Now I know tampons are a girls best friend but I'd highly recommend not going the reusable tampon route. Toxic shock syndrome is my biggest concern and it's not exactly something you'll be able to run to the ER and fix if it happens. But if you must have tampons then here's a link to how to make them yourself. 
 Reusable Tampons

Hopefully some of these items will help you if Disaster strikes or when the pads/ tampons inevitably run out.

Now for this weeks questions:

Have you ever considered alternative methods? 
Did I miss anything?
Would you like to see more on this and other subjects relating to female survival down the road?

Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your responses!

Well that about wraps up this weeks Zurvival Saturday. Like what you see? Please share! I thank you if you do.  Want to check out past Zurvival Satuday's? Click Here


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