Zurvival Saturday (69) Movie Review: Cockneys vs. Zombies

This week I'll be reviewing the film Cockneys vs. Zombies. I've wanted to see this movie for such a long time and finally this past week I had the chance to, yay!!

Release Date: August 23, 2012
Director: Matthias Hoene
Country: United Kingdom
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Comedy

In a building site in the East End of London, two construction workers discover a 17th century graveyard condemned by Charles II and are bitten by zombies, setting off a zombie outbreak in the area.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Cockneys vs. Zombies. Depending on who you asked the film was either brilliant or was something any true Zombie fan should avoid. However, I needed to see for myself so after procrastinating a good long while I finally bit the bullet and rented myself a copy of the film.

First off I want to say that this isn't a perfect Zombie film. I couldn't help but notice how cheesy some of the background Zombies looked. It was obvious (to me at least) that some of the extras had no clue how to portray a Zombie. I don't think the film had an overly large budget so it is understandable that many of the background players were locals instead of hired Zombies. However, you'd think someone would of filled them in on how to properly behave background bodies or not. I don't know, it bugged me but to any normal viewer they'd probably not even notice this fact.

Odd Zombie shufflers aside, I really did enjoy the film. Cockneys vs. Zombies is filled with plenty of humor, likable characters and best of all the plot made sense (for a Zombie film anyway). Group robs bank, Zombie apocalypse starts, group goes on rescue mission, some die, some live and many shenanigans happen along the way. As a Zombie fan it had everything I needed and wanted to see in a film. While I'd definitely lump Cockneys vs. Zombies into the Zombie-Comedy category it still had plenty of horror, action and suspense to please my more traditional side.

I also really liked the special effects in the film. I'm a bit old school, I like practical effects vs. just relying on everything and everyone being CGI. You just can't beat how the gore looks when an actor can "rip" innards out of someone or "real" blood can be seen dripping off the chins of the Zombies after they've fed. I definitely give Cockneys vs. Zombies a solid A for effort when it comes to the effects.

All in all Cockneys vs. Zombies is a solid film and one that I'll no doubt be adding to my Zombie collection in the future. The ending was a bit open so I'll definitely be curious to see if a sequel is ever made but even if it isn't the ending was satisfying enough to be a stand alone. I definitely think you should check this one out if you ever get the chance. With that being said, I'll be rating Cockneys vs. Zombies ★★★★.

Out of curiosity, Have you heard of this Movie? 
If you have, Who was your favorite character?
Did you notice the odd Zombie shufflers or no?

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  1. I can't remember seeing that movie around. I actually haven't seen any zombie movie so it might be better to start with something a bit more cheesy. I like the sound of characters and the story so it might be interesting. Great post :)


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