Top Ten Favorite Books turned Film of 2013

Welcome back to my Yearly Wrap Up! Today I want to share with you my Favorite Books turned Films that I watched this year. Not all of these are newly released mind you but the film

In no particular order, Here are my Top Ten Favorites of 2013.

1.) Girl with a Pearl Earring
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I loved this film. Scarlett Johannson was just perfect as the innocent yet beautiful Griet. Plus the film was pretty faithful to the book which is always a bonus.

2.) Life of Pi
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Even though I preferred the book this film is just too gorgeously shot to not be included on my list. Plus I loved seeing Richard Parker in the ''flesh'' interacting with Pi.

3.) Never Let Me Go
I watched this movie a year ago on HBO before even knowing it was a book. It wasn't until the middle of this year that I even connected the dots when I saw someone gushing about it on their Blog. Both are great and you should definitely check them out if you get the chance.

4,) The Perks of Being A Wallflower
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Yes, the book is much grittier than the movie but the film is just so much better because of Emma Watson. I mean she was perfect in the role of Sam and really was the best choice for the part at least in my opinion.

5.) The Great Gatsby
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Gorgeously shot, set in the 20's and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby MacGuire what's not to love. I put off watching this film for a long time but was so impressed when I finally saw it. Sure it's not the book but that's OK by me since it was kinda boring for me anyway.

6.) Catching Fire
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Am I the only one who thought this topped The Hunger Games? So, so good right? I love Jennifer Lawrence she's brilliant as Katniss and I love her relationship with Josh Hutcherson even though I will always be Team Gale. Just a great film and one that gives me hope the Producers might be able to improve the crap that was Mocking Jay since they clearly did with Catching Fire. Again just my opinion. :)

7.) Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
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I love when serious books get the mash up treatment. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter might not win any awards or gain its actors any Oscars but the film is so much  fun it doesn't  really matter.

8.) Let the Right One In
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Such a creepy book that translated beautifully to the big screen. I love that the story stuck to its roots while not being afraid to grow new ones to make the film that much better. I definitely prefer the original to the remake in this instance. 

9.) No Country for Old Men
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Even though I had heard great things about this one it wasn't until this Summer when I actually saw it. Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones were both so good in their respective roles and I also liked Javier Bardem which is shocking since I'm not really that big a fan normally.

10.) World War Z
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I know many will probably disagree but the film is so much better than book in every conceivable way. I really enjoyed the changes the producers made and I can't wait to see what they do with its sequel.

Well there you have it my Top Ten Favorite Books turned Film of 2013. 
Did any of your choices make the list? Have you read or watched any of the titles mentioned above?
 Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your responses!

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  1. Perks, Gatsby, and Catching Fire are the only ones where I've both read the book and seen the movie, but they'd make my list, too. I have Life of Pi DVR'd, but I hate seeing a movie before I've read the book, so I'm waiting. Maybe I should see if it's on audio...I might get to it sooner.


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