Zurvival Saturday (77) Bedding down during a Zombie Apocalypse

Even the best of us need sleep at some point and during a Zombie outbreak that's going to mean bedding down in unusual places. Not only is safety a concern but also peace of mind. Nobody wants to be woken up to a Zombie mere inches away from flesh ready to take a bite.

So this week I wanted to take the time to share several options for bedding down safely or should I say safer during a Zombie apocalypse. 

1.) A dumpster- If you've ever driven past a retail store or fast food joint you might have noticed that most stores keep their dumpsters locked behind gates that are also surrounded by brick or concrete walls. If caught out in the open at night with exhaustion setting in this might be the best option for you to bed down in. Not only are the walls usually 6-7 feet orr higher but also the smell of garbage inside the dumpster might help mask your scent. Now you're probably thinking how do I get inside if the gate is locked. Well, you should by now have a pair of small bolt cutters on you or included in your bug out bag. Yes, you'd need to replace it but that could be achieved by carrying a simple bike lock with you and weaving it through the gate doors.

2.) A Hammock- Compact, easily portable and lightweight a Hammock might not seem the best option but hear me out. If you find yourself in the woods after a long day of evading the Undead chances are you'll have plenty of trees around to utilize this sleeping method and also less chance of a large group of Zombies crossing camp in the middle of the night. However, it should be noted that to maximize safety having the experience of climbing trees will help. While you could easily hang and use this normally (still better than a tent imo) it would best be utilized far enough off the ground that should a shambling Zombie pass by he or she can't reach up and pull you out of your hammock. That means climbing up the tree to set your hammock at least 7-8 feet off the ground. 

3.) Speaking of camping up high how about a water tower or billboard. Out of sight  with enough room to sleep 4-5 (orr even more depending on size of landing) a water tower or billboard is a good place to sleep and make camp for the night as long as you don't mind the climb. Plus you have an advantage of being able to scout out safe areas or danger all while keeping concealed from the hungry eyes below.

4.) An Attic- Although not the most ideal IF you happen to be caught indoors and or at home during a Zombie outbreak moving yourself and what supplies you could gather to your attic is probably one of the safest places you could sleep. If the attics has one of those pull up ladders you can easily secure it by wedging something into the ladder portion to keep it up and with only one entry point you can spend your time on dividing time between other tasks without having to worry about a breach from several entry points. The downside is your escape route will be limited to the roof and without thinking beforehand that might not be so easy to climb down from should you need to.

5.) A Lighthouse- Technically this one only applies to those who live near water but I still think it is worth mentioning. Secure (usually equipped with a single, hurricane grade storm door), isolated and usually ran by independent grid systems you could easily sleep inside one and be relatively safe. Plus, like the forest Zombies usually stick to areas where food is plentiful so when it finally came time to leave escaping untouched shouldn't be much of a problem. 

These are just a few alternatives to think about should you need to find a good, secure place to sleep during an outbreak. 

Now for this weeks questions:

Have you ever considered alternative camping methods? 
Did I miss anything?
Would you like to see more on this and other subjects relating to this down the road?

Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your responses!

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  1. These are great ideas that I hadn't thought of before. I really like the idea of some of these. Not crazy about the hammock as I'm not a tree climber. Good advice though.



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