Zurvival Saturday (81) Recently Watched Zombie Films

Yesterday I took a break from reading and decided to spend some time watching Zombie movies on Netflix instead.

I started my afternoon of Zombie watching goodness by viewing a movie called A little Bit Zombie. This title was one I hadn't heard of before so I figured why not give it a shot. A Little Bit Zombie is on the cheesy side of the Zombie movie spectrum but the film did have a distinct Army of Darkness feel to it which didn't go unnoticed. Basically the main character Steve is infected with a Zombie virus via mosquito bites he receives at the beginning of the film. He remains mostly himself (for awhile anyway) but does develop a strong craving for what else but brains. Sadly, poor Steve finds himself in need of sufficient nourishment and animal brains simply won't do. From that point on the time is spent bouncing between Steve giving into his cravings and him being hunted by some hunter/scientists who may or may not hold the cure for his affliction. Overall, this film might not of had an overly large budget but it was fun to watch and the acting was decent all things considered. I gave this film 4 Stars on Netflix.

The next film I watched was called Dead Heads. This films premise is sort of all over the place but from what I gathered, a guy named Mike awakens 3 years after his death to realize that he's now a Zombie. He meets another Zombie named Brent whose like him (can talk, think rationally) and after a night of drinking the pair decide to go find the girlfriend of Mike whom he hasn't seen in 3 years on the whole account of being dead thing. During this trip they pick up another Zombie named cheese, find out who killed the main guy in the first place and ugh, I suppose that's really it. This movie is a hot mess. It had so much going on but I never really felt like it had an actual plot and don't even get me started on that ending so, so, cheesy. Dead Heads wasn't necessarily a bad film, it had some real funny moments but I'm not sure it's one I'll watch again in the future. I rated this film 3 Stars on Netflix.


The last film I watched was the best of all three in my opinion which is sort of funny since it was rated the lowest on Netflix's site. The movie is called Stalled and yup you guessed it the premise is a guy locked in a bathroom stall when the Zombie outbreak happens. It actually sort of reminded me of a book I read back in 2012 called Don of the Dead. He's trapped in a stall as well when the Zombie outbreak happens. This movie was chock full of Zombie goodness. Not only was the plot to Stalled decent but it was funny, scary and suspenseful in all the right places.  The Zombie prosthetics and gore were really good as well. I wouldn't mind if they made a sequel to this one and based on the ending I think they really could since it is left up in the air whether the Janitor survives or not. I gave Stalled 5 stars because I really enjoyed it.

I'd suggest checking out any of the movies above as they were all decent to watch even if just once although I think Stalled is one I'll probably end up adding to my collection permanently.
Out of curiosity, Have you watched any of these movies? 
If so, What did you think?
Have any Netflix recommendations for me?

 Leave me your answers in the comments below or feel free to tweet me them @Hermyoni  

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