From Page To Screen (68) Breaking Dawn (Pt. 1)

This week on From Page to Screen I'll be tackling Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Since this book was split into two films I'll be dissecting the differences that way as well this week.

First Let's Discuss the Book.
Here is a bit of back story in case some of you aren't familiar with the novel. Breaking Dawn is a novel written by Author Stephenie Meyer. The book was originally published August 2, 2008 by Little, Brown and Company. Breaking Dawn is the Final Novel in the Twilight Saga and follows Bella as she grows up and faces the consequences for all of her actions thus far. During its first 24 hours released Breaking Dawn sold over 1.3 million copies in the U.S. and over 100k copies in Canada and 20k in the U.K. respectively. Breaking Dawn received very mixed reviews from Critics upon release but that didn't deter fans as Breaking Dawn went on to become the best selling Children's book of 2008 with over 6 million copies sold.

Let's take a look at some of the characters now, shall we.

Bella Swan- A teenage girl who lives in Forks. She is deeply in love with Edward Cullen who just happens to be a vampire. Bella continues to be conflicted about her feelings for her best friend Jacob but decides ultimately it is Edward she wants. Her actions will bring about consequences none of them could foresee.

Edward Cullen- Bella's boyfriend. Edward a vampire is part of the Olympic Coven and only drinks the blood of animals though its implied he is very tempted by Bella's blood. Edward finally commits to Bella despite the troubling consequences that their union has created.

Jacob Black
- Bella's best friend and also a Quileute Native American and werewolf. He is heartbroken that Bella has chosen Edward over him but stands by his friend when she needs him the most.

Now Let's Discuss the Movie.
In case some of you aren't familiar with the film, here is a bit of back story. Breaking Dawn was directed by Billy Condon and was released November 8, 2011 by Summit Entertainment. Breaking Dawn cost $112 million to create and went on to make over $712 million worldwide. Breaking Dawn released to mostly negative reviews. Many of this was caused by the heavy pro-life themes shown throughout the film. Fun Fact: Bella's birth scene reportedly caused Seizures in otherwise healthy movie goers due to the pulsating red, white and black lights flashing on screen during the scene. 

Major Differences Between The Book Film
Edward tells Bella about his rebelling during his early days as a Vampire during the first book.Edward tells Bella about his rebellious ways before their wedding day.
Jacob learns of Bella's wedding at the end of the book Eclipse.Jacob learns of the wedding during the opening scene.
Bella Decides to attend Dartmouth for a year before becoming Immortal.This does not happen.
Bella discovers that she is pregnant 17 days after she has wed Edward.Bella discovers that she is pregnant two weeks after the wedding. 
Jacob, Seth and Leah aiding the Cullens is much more described and becomes a real group effort to keep Bella safe. They patrol the perimeters and evaluate hunting opportunities for the Cullens. Esme offers them clothes and food in return.Their alliance with the Cullens is less described. Though they are seen patrolling the areas, keeping a look out for Sam's pack.
Jacob feels betrayed after witnessing a happy scene between Bella and Edward. In a fit of anger he takes Edwards car to go find an imprint of his own. After witnessing the couples happy moment, Calisle asks Jacob to talk to him and discuss how they may slip past the wolves outside so they can feed.
Leah scolds Bella for hurting Jacob.This is not shown.
The wolves communicate mostly telepathically. Telepathic communication is only shown briefly.
After the birth the Cullens and the pack don't fight although they almost certainly would have if Jacob hadn't imprinted on the baby. After the birth the Cullens and Sam's pack fight but stop once they learn that Jacob has imprinted on the baby.
Jacob goes and talks to Sam alone in order to declare that he has imprinted on Renesmee. Upon learning this Sam realizes that there is no other option but to return to a state of truce with the Cullens.Edward tells everyone about the imprinting after reading Jacob's thoughts. Once Sam hears this,the fighting stops as the truce is back in effect. Edward explains to the rest of the Cullens that this is "the most absolute of all the pack's laws" and that it means the hostility is over.
Bella describes in detail how her transformation process was quite painful.Bella's transformation begins with her experiencing the painful process, but otherwise it is seen going smoothly and painlessly. Her body heals itself, and then her memories of the past flash in front of her as every drop of her blood converts. When the final drop turns white, her transformation is complete and she is reborn as a Vampire. 
The Volturi do not appear until closer to the end of the book.The Volturi make a post-credits appearance. They read a message from Carlisle about Bella's transformation to a vampire. Aro tells Marcus and Caius that the quarrels with the Cullens are not over as they have something he wants.

Well that about wraps up this weeks From Page To Screen. I am sure I missed a few differences but considering the split that's bound to happen anyway. Which however do I prefer? I'd say the Book and Film are tied for me. Personally I think Breaking Dawn was the weakest book and so what they did with it was impressive. I do like the look of the film but don't really see why it needed split in the first place. So yeah it's a tie this week. Definitely read the book if you haven't already even if just to see how the story should of went but if you'd rather just skip ahead to the film I won't blame you.

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer below!
Well that about wraps up this weeks From Page To Screen. Have a recommendation for an upcoming From Page To Screen, let me know in the comments below!

Have you read the book or watched the film? 
Which did you like better? Why? 
What is your favorite quote or scene from Breaking Dawn?

Leave your answers in the comments below, I love to read your responses. Like what you see? Please share!


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