Zurvival Saturday (92) Review: Odium II by Claire C. Riley

This week I'll be reviewing the recently released sequel to Odium by Claire C. Riley. I read the first book Odium last year (Review Here) and enjoyed it so was pleased as punch when I was asked to review its sequel as well. 

Author: Claire C. Riley
Series: The Dead Sage #2
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Publication Date: May 9, 2014

Fortune favours…the DEAD!

Some secrets are too horrific to ever be forgiven, and some people should never be trusted.

Tortured, starved and on the run, Nina thinks she’s faced the worst that mankind has to offer, but she’s wrong. She may have survived this long, but she’s not come out of it unscathed, and there’s worse to come.

Nina’s trusty Doc Martins are showing signs of the zombie Apocalypse, and she isn’t faring much better. With her snarky attitude guaranteed to get her in trouble, Nina needs to forgive the past, and to live once more in the present, and learn that sometimes she needs to place her trust in other people. 

Because when people are faced with the end of times, they’ll do anything to survive.

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. 
You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."

Odium II picks up pretty much where the first book left off. The Forgotten are still a-holes, Mickey is missing and things are anything but pleasant for Nina and Emily. 

The first few chapters in this book are some of the most brutal that I've read in not only quite awhile but possibly in years. Nina is one strong woman to suffer that much abuse and still come out relatively intact and most importantly sane. However, once the group manages to escape The Forgotten's clutches things go from bad to desperate with supplies running out and winter on its way. 

What I consistently like about this series is the way the characters never give up despite the sometimes monumental obstacles in their way. In many respects Nina reminds me of the little engine that could. She just huffs and puffs and repeats to herself over and over “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.” Most people would break down and cower in a corner with the horrors she's been witness to but not Nina. Of course this mentality applies not just to Nina but others in her group as well. 

Another thing I really enjoyed was learning more about the walled cities. Initially I was bummed we didn't get to hear more about Lee or even encounter another city through their travels but what we do learn definitely does make it seem that the survivors are much better off on the outside instead of the inside that's for sure. Maybe, just maybe The Forgotten isn't entirely wrong in their mission. 

Lastly, I love the new characters Nina and the group meet along the way. From the delusional teenagers just trying to maintain some sort of normalcy to the plucky Rachel whose like Crunch 2.0 except crazier which if you had asked me last book I'd never of thought that'd be possible, lol. 

Now even though I did enjoy the sequel to Odium it wasn't everything I hoped it to be and here's why:

First off Nina, While I did enjoy Nina a lot more this time around her behavior whenever she doesn't get her way is beyond tiresome. She's what in her mid twenties at least and yet reverts back to a spoiled toddler whenever someone dares to question her actions. It just bugs me and makes her so unlikable at times. 

Secondly, I really didn't like the jumps in perspective. It literally takes almost the entire book to be clued into why were following Hillary and Deacon in the first place. It would've been so much better if the group had at least spotted them on the run before were shown what was going on with them. The disconnect for me didn't do the book any service. I just didn't care enough about those characters when by the end I'm told I should of. 

Lastly, I hated the ending. If the Author has any flaws in her writing it is how to properly end a book. These cliffhangers wouldn't be so bad if they were written decently but just stopping the story at a random point without any sort of AH-HA moment leaves little if nothing to be desired. I need closure to a story whether a series, stand alone or cliffhanger. I don't get that from these books and it consistently has made me downgrade my rating because of it. 

Final Thoughts
I'm really torn on how I feel I should feel finishing this sequel. Do I enjoy the series? Yes. Will I keep reading it despite my issues? Certainly. Would I recommend the Author or the series? You bet. On so many levels Claire C. Riley is a fantastic Zombie writer. She hits all the right notes in terms of the Zombies themselves and is consistent in keeping the situations the characters find themselves in scary or at least tension filled. However, I haven't thus far really liked the main character and I do feel that the stories tend to drag on longer than they should.

 In all honesty I'm sort of at a loss. I feel like with just a few tweaks this series could be off the charts amazing. I know the author has it in her based on what she's written thus far and maybe that's why I tend to judge these books harsher than say your run of the mill Zombie story. I can sense that wow factor just out of reach but instead of obtaining it I'm left always coming within grasp of its greatness.  So,with that being said, I'll be rating Odium II by Claire C. Riley ★★★.

P.S. Not really important to the story but  I love the shout out to T.W. Brown whose another Author I really enjoy. I love those sort of Easter Eggs dropped in a book.

 *Copy provided by Author.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which way  for providing them.

About the Author
My name is Claire C. Riley and I’m a writer of dark paranormal romances and zombie horror, and generally anything creepy and dark.

I am a wife, and a mother to three little girls. I work part-time and write in the evenings and every other spare second that I get. Life, as you can imagine, is always very busy and very tiring, but it is of course worth every minute.

I’m currently hard at work on several new projects.
The sequel to Limerence, the sequel to Odium, a Romantic thriller/horror story and several short zombie stories and also Odium Origins. A Dead Saga Novella.

I can be stalked at any of the following:
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If yes, Whose your favorite character thus far?
If you found a mall filled with goods after years scavenging, Which store would you head to first?

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  1. I just recently read a book where I love the author's writing and this particular book wasn't up to her best. I also wound up giving it a three star rating but that is what happens when we have our fav authors on pedestals! Even with the three star I'm really curious about this book.

    Curious, what exactly is your Zurvival Saturday? All about zombies or scariness in general? :D

    1. Zurvival Saturday is all about Zombies. Sometimes I write reviews, give recommendations, just talk in general. :)

      I really do like this Author and 3 Stars is still a good review by me. It's the 1 & 2 stars you have to worry about, lol.

    2. Ahhh! I may have to join in! I was looking for a horror meme to join or start but I can so get into this one! And gives me an excuse to read more zombies! YAY!!


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