Zurvival Saturday (108) Zombie Shorts

Lately on my wanderings through the Web I've come across some incredible Zombie shorts that I thought were worth sharing with all of you. Some of these seem to be made for promotional purposes such as the Boost Mobile Ads but all are nonetheless amazing and the attention to detail and story is equal to or maybe even better than half the big budget films being produced recently. So without much further ado and in no particular order here they are!

1.) Stay Living- Ben's Film

Boost Mobile - Stay Living - Ben's film from oksana valentelis on Vimeo.

2.) Stay Living- Saff & Jen's Film

Boost Mobile - Stay Living - Saff and Jen's film from oksana valentelis on Vimeo.

3.) Stay Living- Mary's Film

Boost Mobile - Stay Living - Mary's film from oksana valentelis on Vimeo.

I love all three of these shorts and am just sad that I hadn't heard of them sooner. Boost Mobile should seriously consider funding a full length film with these characters. I know I for one would totally watch it!

4.) The Next Day- Zombie Apocalypse Short Film

Normally I don't go in for Parkour and Zombie films because it always seems to be the Zombies who practice it, however, in this short it works. I love the artsy feel of the back story between the guy and the girl and I also liked how he used Parkour to his advantage to outrun them. Very cool short.

5.) Cargo

I might have shared this one before but it still remains one of my favorite shorts to date. In the span of barely 7 mins the journey we take with these characters is both heartbreaking and oddly hopeful. It is truly a superb short film.

6.) Tears

OK I admit being a parent this one was hard to watch but it did also give us a quick glimpse into what being a Zombie would look like from a Toddler or babies perspective. Oh and that ending, super creepy!!!

Out of curiosity, Have you seen any of these before? 
If so, Which one is your favorite?
Have any recommendations for other shorts I should check out?

 Leave me your answers in the comments below or feel free to tweet me them @Hermyoni  

Well that about wraps up this weeks Zurvival Saturday. Like what you see? Please share! I thank you if you do.  Want to check out past Zurvival Saturday's? Click Here


  1. Very cool! I'm going to bookmark this page and come back when I have more time to watch ally he videos.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Cool, let me know what you think of them when you do.


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