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For this Week I am going to share with you my Top 10 Season 2 Walking Dead Moments. Let me just say I loved this season! I know a bunch of critics hated the pacing in the first half but I enjoyed it. Realistically if a Zombie Apocalypse happened life still needs to go on which means laundry, planting crops, fighting, making up and a whole bunch of shagging. So while they might have been disappointed with the lack of non stop zombie action, I praise the writers for seeing the bigger picture. So without further Ado and in no particular order, Here are my Top 10. So if you haven't seen Season 2 yet and don't want to be spoiled, STOP NOW.

1.) Shane Kills Otis- I loved this scene and honestly think anyone in Shane's situation would do the same. While it was a cruel fate for Otis, his death helped two people survive. Let us at least hope he died quickly.

2.)Dale's Death- I was so heartbroken over this. I didn't see it coming at all. Dale was the moral glue that held the group together. I especially loved that it wasn't Rick but Daryl who put Dale out of his misery. I think it showed such growth in his character that he would do it. While I certainly will miss Dale, he will not be forgotten.

3.)The Well Zombie- Great Zombie! Sure poor Glenn had a nasty surprised finding him at the bottom of the well, but it was great fun for us as the viewer to see. Plus it was really cool seeing him ripped in half and all those zombie guts tumbling into the water supply. On a side note his prosthetic really reminded me of Balthazar From the Buffy Season 3 Episode Bad Girls.

4.)Death to Sophia- I like Daryl held out hope that Sophia was alive. I really thought they would find her eventually mixed in with a bunch of other Survivors, or maybe not at all until next season. To see poor Sophia stumble out of the barn was heartbreaking yet just damn good writing. I still think one of them knew. I mean the Zombies were being fed, your telling me you didn't notice an extra little girl zombie in the barn. I wonder if we will ever see how exactly she ended up inside.

5.)Daryl Hallucinates Merle- Oh how I so wanted this to be real. Wouldn't it be just like Merle to be out hunting and stumble across his baby brother this way. I think that despite everything Daryl loves his brother and in that moment he was the mental boost he needed to get out of that situation.

6.)The Farm is Overrun- It had to happened but seeing a Horde of that magnitude was still a shock.

7.)Michonne Saves Andrea- I have barely just begun the comics, but even I know her arrival is huge!!!! So when this scene took places I was giddy with joy.

8.)Rick Kills The Bar Guys- This was the first scene where I truly felt Rick's badassdome. It was such a short scene in the scheme of things but really powerful nonetheless.

9.)Hershel Defends His Farm- While part of me was screaming at the screen for him to get out of there, my other half was like I'd do the same. I would at least have to try and save my farm, even if in the end I failed.

10.)Andrea Confronts Lori- I Couldn't find a clip of this scene unfortunately but it is one of my favorites. Everything I screamed at the TV to the Lori character over the course of this season was said. I think it also took Lori as a shock because she didn't think anyone would dare stand up to her. If I ever manage to find a clip I will add it. It really is a great scene.

Your Choice not on the list? Let me know what it is in the comments below,I love reading about them.

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Zurvival Saturday


  1. Fantastic list! I think you nailed them all. I'd just like to say I think Andrea's had the coolest character arc, from suicidal victim to bad-ass zombie-shanking she-bitch! I, too, loved how she took on Lori. Scenewise, I loved when she accidentally shot Daryl (after he went Apocalpyse Now with the zombie ear necklace). That scene also elicited another great line by Dale: "Don't be so hard on yourself. We've all wanted to shoot Daryl." One of my fave zombies was the stiff who hung himself in the woods and left the note: "Got Bit. Fever Hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit." (Daryl & Andrea found him) I could go on LOL (hey, it's raining here!) but I won't. Again, well done. @peppapots

    1. "Got Bit. Fever Hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit." was one of my favorite lines as well.


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