Zurvival Saturday (29)

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow The Walking Dead returns to AMC *woohoo!!!* and so starting today at 10am ET AMC will be running a marathon to get all the fans or those just checking out the series caught up.

I cannot express to you how amazingly excited for tomorrow I am. Next week I will be talking about the Season premiere so make sure to come back and check that out.

For this week's Zurvival Saturday I will be watching the awesome Walking Dead Marathon on AMC!! Before I get to that though I want to share my TOP Favorite non dialogue scenes from both Seasons of The Walking Dead. This is Part 1 since I have way to many to fit in just one post.

In no particular order they are:

1.) Rick Spots a child walking amongst the cars in the first episode.
That moment when we see the child pick up the bunny before being revealed as a Zombie is one of those moments that takes you by surprise because you want to believe the little child is OK but the rational part of you knows this is going to end badly. Just really a cool, cool scene to watch unfold.

2.) I've always thought the scene where Shane shaves his head was not not only a significant turning point for the character but also beautifully shot. Plus c'mon who doesn't like seeing Jon Bernthal all glistening and shirtless.....

3.) Daryl and his ear necklace reveal. When Daryl walks out of the woods covered in gore wearing an ear necklace its just so visually appealing. The way that scene is acted is beyond amazing as you can see he's walking the fine line of sanity at that moment and he doesn't have to say anything to convey it. Which is why Andrea mistakes him for a Zombie and nearly kills him.

4.)Michonne arrives to save the day. The look on Andreas face before the camera pans to Michonne is awesome but the reveal itself is just so much better. I mean c'mon who doesn't love a Katana weilding badass with Zombie minions for protection.

5.) Daryl consoles Carrol. The growth of Daryl from Season 1 to Season 2 clearly shows in this scene. Not only is the scene itself heartbreaking and poignant but the way all the actors responded to it was just amazingly acted. Still out of all the faces Carrol and Daryl were whom I focused on. I imagine it must of been so draining emotionally to act that but damn it made for some great TV.

While I have quite a few more, I'm going to reveal them at a later date and time.
If you watch the show what are your favorite non dialog scenes? Are you going to watch the AMC Marathon? Are you excited about tomorrows premiere? Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your responses. I'll be live tweeting during the premiere tomorrow in case anyone wants to join me.

If you would like to participate in this or any upcoming Zurvival Saturdays, grab the button below and link me in the comments so I can check it out.

Zurvival Saturday


  1. Dish network dropped AMC so no The Walking Dead for me :-(

    Happy watching to you though!

  2. I believe Dish will stream the premiere online you just have to sign up for it. Only the premiere but least you'd get to see it.

  3. I love the show!!! I didn't watch the marathon. I did watch the premier last night though. I love Rick's new attitude! My favorite scenes are when they are killing the zombies. ;)

    1. Very cool!! I love that Lori is sorta getting what she deserves.


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