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Zurvival Saturday (117) Waiting On Zombies

Let's talk about Zombie books. Lately, I've noticed that while more zombie books are being produced, I don't necessarily have the urge to hunt down each one and read it. Yes, I love the genre but you can only see the same story over and over again before the pattern becomes redundant. So naturally, that means I search a bit harder and longer these days to find something really special to sink my teeth into or share with you all. In Billy Phillips’ “Once Upon a Zombie”, a terrible curse has been cast upon classic fairy tale characters and their respective worlds, transforming all within into the walking dead. However, despite all that comes with being undead these princesses aren't going down easily and with the help of a girl named Caitlyn it’s time for these Zombie Princesses to Rise, Empower, and Claim Their World Back! Why I'm Waiting: Did you not read the description above?! This story definitely puts a unique spin on the traditional zombie apocalypse a