Review Policy

How I Rate Books
1 ★-Book was filled with errors,plot holes.
2 ★★-Book was OK but could of been better.
3 ★★★-Book was good and worth the read.
4 ★★★★-Book was really good. Would Recommend.
5 ★★★★★-Why are you reading this? Go out and buy it now!

Review Policy
I accept Review Requests for the following genres:

Dystopians,Zombie Books,Post /Apocalyptic Fiction,Science Fiction,Paranormal Fiction, Fantasy,Historical Fiction,True Crime,Horror and Young Adult books. The only genres I do not read are pure Romance,Erotica and those with a Biased Religious Agenda.


At the moment I will only be accepting E-books and Audiobooks for review!

Where you can read my reviews:

All my reviews are posted on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. Reviews are also shared via Networked Blogs on Facebook,pinned to pinterest, and promoted on twitter. If you would like me to leave a review on another site (Librarything, Barnes&Noble, Google Books etc..) please let me know.

Review Requests

Email me at with any requests to read or review your book. Please include a brief description or link if applicable. I reserve the right not to review. If I do agree to review your book it will be honest either in the positive or in the negative. I will try to get the book read and reviewed in a timely manner but sometimes life does get in the way so I cannot always guarantee a specific time frame.

Blog Tours, Trailer Reveals, Cover Reveals

I love participating in Blog tours, Trailer Reveals, and Cover Reveals. Email me at if you would like my blog to participate.

I want to wear your book!!

Do you have promotional t-shirts? I'd love to wear one to help promote your book. I've found that an increasing number of people stop me and ask about the book on my shirt anytime I wear one out. Think of me as a walking, talking, billboard! If you would like to send me one of your promotional t-shirts email me at

FTC Disclosure

All my book reviews are purchased by myself,gifted from the Publishing House/Author or bought and given to me for a Birthday or Holiday and I have chosen to review it. Any Print books,ARC's,or E-books given to me will not be sold. They will be kept by me or given away to my readers with permission of author/publisher. All reviews are my own and any ARC's I receive will be labeled as such in the review.

Thank you for considering Blood,Sweat and Books to review your Book.

Blood,Sweat,and Books


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