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Top Ten Books I Regret Not Reading In 2015

Wow, 2015 just flew by didn't it? I feel like December just started and then boom, all of a sudden it is New Years Eve eek!!! Where did the time go? Any of us who read books on a consistent basis will eventually find ourselves in the same predicament. So many books, so little time. We try to get them all in each year but sometimes it just doesn't happen. 2015 was a hard year for me. I struggled to read practically anything and when I did, I didn't always want to review them. Honestly, I felt like a blogging failure on more than one occasion because of this. However, I can't beat myself up too much.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and that's OK. Plus, I still plan to read these books in the future and you will probably see me talking about them quite soon or you know, maybe not but we'll see how things go.  For now though these babies either sit on a desk or Kindle neglected. So sorry you lovely books but I am only one person who just has n

Book Trailer Tuesday (112) Favorite Book Trailers of 2015!!!

For my Final Trailer Tuesday of 2015, I want to take a look back at the past year and share my favorite Book Trailers released. Some of these I never got around to showcasing and others I've shared already but all were definitely notable and exceeded expectations! As many of you know, I love Book trailers and when done right they can create that much more anticipation and excitement for me in conjunction with the normal promotional stuff. Each year, I've seen Publishers and Authors strive to put out high quality book trailers and I appreciate all the time, thought and creativity that goes into creating them. With that being said Here are my Top Ten Trailer picks for 2015 starting at Number 10 *drumroll please*: 10.) Survive The Night by Danielle Vega 9.) The Darkest Part Of The Forest by Holly Black 8.) An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 7.) After The Red Rain by Barry Lyga, Peter Facinelli & Rob DeFranco 6.) Need by Joelle Charbon

Freebie Friday (82) Young Adult Science Fiction, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance E-Books

It's time for another edition of Freebie Friday! Each week I compile a list of books that I've found for FREE and share them with all of you! All you have to do is click on the title and it will take you to the purchase page for that book. Unless noted all books are first in the series. Young Adult (Science Fiction,Fantasy) The Beautiful Ugly Trilogy by James Snyder [ Purchase ] She’s sixteen. She’s alone. And the world thinks she’s crazy. What could possibly happen next? Well, she’s going to show them…  When sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce wakes up inside an unknown psychiatric hospital with both her wrists slashed, she begins the arduous task of piecing together the events of her life that led her there. Her own cognitive behavioral therapy (as she had learned so well from them). Beginning with the sudden death of her mother and father when she was six, and the only world she knew disappeared, literally, overnight. That’s when, with no known or, at least,

Review: Flare by Jonathan Maas

Author: Jonathan Maas Genre: Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic Publication Date: December 13, 2014 FEAR THE DAYLIGHT Without warning or explanation, an extended solar flare bombards the earth and doesn't stop, making each day a battle for survival. The sunlight blinds and burns instantly, and then kills within minutes. The radiation has also destroyed all of the earth's circuitry, leaving the nights dark and dangerous. TWO FIND HOPE AMIDST THE CHAOS Two survivors, a thousand miles apart, each hear a rumor of a distant safe haven that can withstand the sun. Zeke is a silent wanderer, Ash is a brilliant young man hiding a painful past, and neither know just what this place really is. To get there they must each travel through ravaged towns and over hundreds of miles of charred earth, and must do so under a sky waiting to kill them with every sunrise. But with the world's population dying off and humanity getting more and more violent as the days pass, their pa