Fast Zombies Suck by Brian Keene

I came across this nifty little gem while browsing my Twitter this morning. While obviously I didn't read the book I would in a heartbeat if I had a copy infront of me. Zombies are my passion and the thought of this scenario happening truly terrifies me. Oh I know you chuckle and laugh at the concept but what IF they were the real deal. You don't take action and all to late realize you should of shot when you could. On the other side you do take action and the scenario in the book unfolds the same way what then? I thought this quick story was great so wanted to share. If you liked it to head on over to twitter and let @BrianKeene know or clickety clack on the video and leave a comment on it and subscribe for more videos.


  1. Must have this book!! Thanks for letting me know about it!!:D

    1. I know! Even though its a short story it was really good!

  2. I love the way he reads it. I wish he could read all of my books to me haha! I don't laugh at the thought of being prepared for anything. I am sure people laughed at the idea that the earth was round too. Although my instinct tells me that a zombie would be slow and has no way to utilize their entire brain I could be wrong.


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