Ten Sentence Thursday

I have finally decided on a Weekly Thursday Meme for my Blog. I've come up with Ten Sentence Thursday. Each week I'll grab a random book I own, open it up and pick 10 random sentences from it to share. For my first Ever Ten Sentence Thursday I am picking....

Here are my Ten Sentences:

I tried to open the door to Stefa's wardrobe, my fingers eased into the dark wood as though into dense cold clay.

Formality seemed a little absurd after all that we Jews had suffered.

I'll never forget her look of spiteful hate; the transformation seemed worthy of a devil in a painting by Bruegel.

I'd never heard bone breaking before, but the crack was unmistakable.

He seemed a good man, but I didn't trust him; he was a christian, after all- with a wholly different destiny from ours, whether he wanted it or not.

Water dripping from the ceiling stepped its fingertips across my neck as I edged forward.

I drank gratefully.

They had sympathetic eyes and the same gaunt features we all had-starvation would make us all cousins before the Germans were through with us.

As they carried the woman to their cart, the body collectors folded her together,then pulled her apart.

Kiss them for me and assure them that I met death with my hands in my pockets, that I wasn't scared.

If You'd like to participate in Ten Sentence Thursday. Fill out the form below so I can see yours as well! Don't have a Blog no problem just fill out your Ten in the comments down below.


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