Why You Should Support Team Old School

What is Team Old School? For those not in the know The Bookish Brunette in conjunction with M.R. Merrick (Author of Shift and Exiled) have combined forces to bring you an amazing giveaway to celebrate the end of his blog tour for Shift. You can read all about it here or sign up with which choice you think should win *cough Team Old School cough* The Bookish Brunette

Now before I get into the meat (aka my quick little rambling)of why you should vote for Team Old School here are the covers:

Team Old School

Beautiful,Eye catching, instantly recognizable. These are all things that come to mind when I see them. Now check out Team New Schools Covers:

Team New School

Pretty yes, Colorful yup but Memorable not so much. Now I'm not knocking those who like the new design. I am sure the Author had his reasons for wanting a change. Just as those who voted for it have their reasons. Plus Not gonna lie I'm a competitive person and darn tootin I wanna win!!! If Team New School wins well then I guess that's okay as well.

Anyway... If you made it through my pointless little ramble please check out The Bookish Brunette and if you wanna get in on the fun just use #TeamOldSchool or #TeamNewSchool on Twitter and please follow @BookBrunette and @MRMerrick to show your support or just say hi and if you really want let them know Blood Sweat and Books sent you!


  1. I've always been partial to old school/ original. Newer designs don't seem to have that rich quality about them. But I will say I don't judge a book by its cover. (JUST LIKE THE CLICHE! Haha!) But I am more in favor of the old school designs. :) Thank you for this! Happy Friday!


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