Zurvival Saturday (10)

This week I wanted to talk about the different types of Zombies one might encounter during the Zombie Apocalypse. I know it is a wide held belief that Zombies will and should be slow, shambling ghouls. I however feel that whatever brings a person back as a zombie is surely capable of creating something much more complex than just a corpse dragging its way at a speed of 1 mile per hour through the world.

1.) The Slow Zombie- We have all seen them. They barely move at a crawl and one can easily push them out of the way running to safety. These are the types of undead most people associate with zombies. Mostly I think they are just scared of anything else. Slow Zombies are a threat. They don't tire, they can keep coming at you gathering numbers along the way. Then you thinking "Ha I outran those suckers." decide to take a break and possibly even grab a few zzz's wake up to a horde on your safe haven and no chance of escape. That is what makes slow Zombies so menacing.

2.) The Fast Zombie- Before you say "Kristin, those don't exist!" see point #1 above. These Zombies are more dangers by themselves. Why? With slow zombies you as a fully mobile person have the luxury of planning an escape route or even quietly sneaking past them. With Fast Zombies, you better hope you have a car or a gun. These Zombies retain most if not all the mobility they had while alive. What happens when someone who runs for a living becomes turned. Do you think in your condition right this second you could outrun someone at near peak human condition? Yeah I didn't think so either.

3.)The Smart Zombie- While these zombies usually are slow, they have capabilities to think and that makes them dangerous. Why? Any good barricade can keep slow or even fast zombies out for a good long while, giving you a chance to formulate a plan to escape. Now add in a smart zombie to the mix who can figure out how to work a door handle or pick up a tool and start beating down your barriers. Now you have yourself a problem. Even worse what if these zombies can remember how to drive cars, or shoot a gun. I was just reading a book last night. One of the zombies couldn't figure out how to get past a barricade (semis were used). Then it was like a light clicked on and she went and tried to get through the barricade by opening the door to the semi. If she had figured out that she could of easily made it through and closer to the haven beyond. Truly terrifying.

4.) The Infected- These are people infected with a zombie like virus. Case in point take the movie The Crazies. They are unique in that after becoming infected, they gain the homicidal drive of a Zombie, but they do not lose any of their intellect, memories, use of weapons and tools, or coordination. Instead they become completely devoted to killing any non crazies. The infected are a threat but also can be effected by exhaustion,dehydration,malnutrition so keep that in mind when dealing with them.

These 4 are the main types of Zombies I believe one would encounter during a Zombie Apocalypse. I know I should make note of Voodoo Zombies but I just don't feel they pose a significant threat.

Now for this weeks questions. What type of Zombie do you think poses the most threat? Why? Would you rather come back as an intelligent Zombie or one with no recollection of their former life? Leave your answer in the comments below. I love reading your responses.

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Zurvival Saturday


  1. Oh no no no no not smart zombies! What's the point, you might as well just have evil humans ;-)

    1. They are a possibility, one that I truly hope doesn't happen if the ZA ever occurred.


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