Zurvival Saturday (15)

For this week's Zurvival Saturday I wanted to share my favorite movies usually mistaken for Zombie movies. I have to admit that I tend to lump these movies into the Zombie genre but if one wants to get technical they really aren't. In no particular order my choices are:

28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later

I love these movies!!! Though technically a viral plague after infected they behave much the same as your traditional zombies with the exception that they eventually do perish and they don't gorge themselves on the flesh of their victims.


I really didn't like REC 2 in comparison to the first movie but finding out that the "zombies" were actually possessed individuals now that was cool! Plus if this series does one thing right it's creepy kids.

The Crazies

This infection wasn't spread by bites but through tainted water. What makes these "zombies" so much fun is how they literally go crazy and not all crazy is created equal. The virus whatever it is can make people just insane or homicidal. Either way I like it and it made for some great movie watching!

The Signal


In The Signal people become infected through telecommunication devices. I lump this movie with Pontypool because both conveniently use communication of some sort to spread the virus. Where The Signal is a series of tones, Pontypool is language itself. Both gems of Independent film making, they get my kudos for outside the box Zombie type film making.

The Children
The Plague

Both these movies only infect those under 18. While both of these movies push the zombie qualification envelope I still love them equally. Plus it's really cool seeing killer kids and ultimately their demises since it's really a rare sight and both these movies just pull it off so well.

Now for this weeks questions. What is your favorite non traditional Non-Zombie Zombie movie? Have you ever seen the movies mentioned above? Leave your answer in the comments below. I love reading your responses.

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Zurvival Saturday


  1. Awesome, some movies I haven't heard of before! Even if they aren't exactly about zombies ;-)

    1. I really suggest watching The Signal and The Children (if you've never seen either) both have some really creepy scenes in it.


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