Book To Movie Monday (15)

For this weeks Book To Movie Monday I have decided to cover the movie Fight Club.

First Let's Discuss The Book Below Is The Cover

Now for a little back story in case some of you aren't familiar with the novel. Fight Club is written by the Author Chuck Palahniuk and was released August 17,1996 by W.W. Norton. Fight club was inspired by an altercation the Author once had on a camping trip. Fight Club was initially written as a short story in the compilation The Pursuit Of Happiness but was later expanded to full novel form after receiving positive feedback.

Let's look at some of the characters in the book.

Main Protagonists

The Narrator- Nameless and suffering from Insomnia he is the co-creator of Fight Club. Due to his long suffering fight with Insomnia The Narrator attends support groups for people with terminal diseases as a way to vent his frustration though he is physically fine himself.

Tyler Durden- Co-creator of Fight Club. Tyler is friend to the Narrator and is everything the narrator is not. He later turns into the main antagonist towards the end of the book.

Other Noteworthy Characters

Marla Singer- The Narrator meets her attending the support groups but later finds out she is a fraud just like him. Marla eventually starts a relationship with Tyler much to the dismay of the Narrator.

Big Bob- He befriends the Narrator at one of the support groups he attends. He also later joins Fight Club.

The Narrator's Boss- He rides the Narrator throughout the book as the Narrator's work performance continues to slip. Like the Narrator he is nameless but he is presented to the reader as a corporate lackey. After an inspiring conversation with Tyler, the Narrator threatens his boss which buys him time to complete his assignments.

Major Differences Between The Book and The Movie

In the Book The Narrator meets Tyler on a beach as he is falling asleep.
In the Movie The Narrator meets Tyler returning from a business trip. They realize they own the same suitcase.

In the Book after his apartment blows up the Narrator calls Tyler from the lobby asking to stay with him.
In the Movie he calls Marla first but hangs up, then calls Tyler.

In the Book Chloe tells the Narrator about her desire to have sex one last time before she dies.
In the Movie Chloe gets up in front of the support group and cries begging for someone to have sex with her.

In the Book Tyler and The Narrator start project mayhem together.
In the Movie The Narrator is hesitant about starting project mayhem and voices his concerns to Tyler.

In the Book The Narrator beats Angel Face to a bloody pulp after becoming jealous of his good looks.
In the Movie Angel Face replaces The Narrator as Tyler's friend so in a jealous rage beats him up.

In the Book Marla eventually gets a lye burn on the back of her hand.
In the Movie she questions why The Narrator would get one and never gets one herself.

In the Book Tyler rigs the computer of The Narrator's Boss to kill him with explosives.
In the Movie this is left out entirely.

In the Book project mayhem wants to bring down a building on the art museum.
In the Movie project mayhem wants to reset the public debt to zero by destroying all credit card companies.

In the Book The Narrator shoots himself in front of the support group.
In the Movie he does it alone with Tyler.

In the Book The Narrator ends up in a mental institution.
In the Movie we don't see what happens to The Narrator but we do get to see a building crumbling down indicating that project mayhem is still active.

The Clear winner in this weeks Book to Movie Monday is the Movie. I love this book but the Tyler scenes in the movie are just pure awesome!! I also really liked some of the subtle differences the director came up with, I felt it filled in some of the scenes better. Overall watch the movie but definitely read the book as well.

Well that about wraps up this weeks Book to Movie Monday. I'll post the movie trailer down below in case you want to check it out. Leave a Comment down below telling me which you liked better and why. Have a recommend for an upcoming Book to Movie let me know that as well.


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