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Why Does Paranormal Romance Have Such Appeal to YA?

Paranormal romance appeals to all women, LOL, not just young adult. Why? We read the books because of the heroes. We love the heroes. Reading is not just a distraction or an escape from the realities of our lives. We live vicariously through the heroines.

Okay, back to why paranormal appeal to YA readers.

First, the guys are hot. I can’t explain it. Maybe it is the eyes with unusual colors or the fact that they are physically more developed. Whatever the reason, they are super hawt!!!

Second, they are rebels. They are willing to break rules and laws to be with the heroine. Who doesn’t like forbidden love or boy who could kill you but his love for you stops him? Forbidden love in contemporary romance is usually across racial and religious lines and no one really wants to read that in a book and be reminded of narrow minded people and reality. Sometimes, the rules of the hero’s societies are different from ours, so they can do and say things a normal boy wouldn’t do.

Third, the guys are more mature. Paranormal romance has heroes who are angels, part angels, vampires or aliens. They look like teenagers but are more experienced and have lived longer and seen more, therefore, they are more mature than your average teenager. It is like dating an older guy except he is your age. Also, they are always on some big mission to save their race or planet, which is awesome.

Fourth, they don’t appear to have baggage, except maybe their thirst for your blood or your soul or saving humanity or his planet. In contemporary romance, authors try to stay true to characters readers can identify with—the boy next door with an abusive father or the one with an alcoholic mother or the neighbor you thought was boring because he’s a geek until he started wearing contacts and buffed up. You know or have heard of people like this and you don’t want to read about them in a book.

Think about it for a second, would the ball player and most popular guy in school choose an average girl over his cheerleader girlfriend? No. What if he’s from a different planet and his standard of what is hot is not the cheerleader, but the independent, strong-willed girl who dresses in boho outfits, plays in the band and writes poetry? Bring it on!

So I say it again, Paranormal heroes just rock!!!!

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