{ Review } Jericho 3 by Paul McKellips

ISBN13: 9780985332204
Publication Date: July 9,2012
Publisher: FBR Press
Goodreads Page: Click Here
Author: Paul McKellips

U.S. Navy Captain "Camp" Campbell and Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Raines, the heroes of Paul McKellips' acclaimed debut, UNCAGED, return, determined to execute a mission that leaves millions of lives hanging in the balance. At the heart of this operation is the dire need to prevent a first-strike with a weapon known in intelligence circles as...JERICHO 3. In a remote corner of Afghanistan, three patients are diagnosed with a rare, incredibly infectious disease. At a U.S. base just outside Pakistan, an American army doctor is kidnapped by a local tribe to perform an unlikely surgical procedure on the wife of a powerful leader. And back in the U.S., Camp is handed his most challenging assignment ever, which leaves the normally confident hero desperate for answers. All the while, Camp must hold back his secret desire for Leslie Raines, his beautiful cohort, as they are sent off on two sides of the same mission...only to reunite when the stakes get deadly. With his trademark grit and a globe-racing plot, Paul McKellips takes readers deep into the Middle East conflict, raising timely questions of radicalism, faith, and honor. As the clock ticks down toward Armageddon, Camp and Raines must do everything it takes to stop the total annihilation of two countries.

I was given this book to review from the Author. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for them.


I don't read thrillers all that often but when the mood hits I am usually very picky. When the Author contacted me about reading this book I was instantly intrigued Bio-Thrillers are one of my favorites in the genre so naturally I accepted. I am so glad that I took the chance on this one and did because WOW it was so good.

The Story starts out in the Middle East during some conflict or another. An American doctor is kidnapped by a local terrorist organization and the plot quickly turns from a simple rural kidnapping to a High Stakes game of cat and mouse. The book takes place primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Author shows great care painting the landscape of both locations. One thing I found absolutely terrifying were the Terrorists themselves. The ways they came up with to commit their crimes is mind boggling but also I can see how they would be very plausible. You can really tell that the Author spent a lot of time doing research. I appreciate that and I'm sure other readers will to.

Overall Jericho 3 was a great ride filled with interesting characters, a compelling storyline, and well researched plot. I loved that the Author included a guide at the beginning of the book to reference it was a really handy feature to have especially since I'm assuming the majority of readers aren't proficient in Military terminology. I think my only small gripe in the book was not being able to understand the locals. Some phrases were referenced over and over and it would of been nice knowing what they were saying without having to Google hoping the translation was correct. If your a fan of Authors like Crichton,Preston or Rollins then you'll definitely want to give Paul McKellips a shot. I will be giving Jericho 3 ★★★★.

McKellips joined the Foundation for Biomedical Research as executive vice president in 2007.He has written, directed and produced three motion pictures and numerous television shows as well as family programming with NFL Hall of Famer and former Green Bay Packers legend, the late Reggie White. McKellips directed and produced the Jonathan Winters Entertainment Show and the Pat Morita Show for SpectraVision. He has earned 20 Telly Awards and two Emmy®nominations for his Bench2Bedside biomedical television series. A native of Neenah, Wisconsin,

McKellips served in Iraq as a public affairs broadcaster and was embedded with four Iraqi journalists at a remote combat outpost in the volatile Diyala Province during the height of "the surge." At the invitation of General David H. Petraeus, McKellips served as a media trainer to the Afghan National Army and produced a documentary film in Pashtu on Afghan culture that was broadcast nationally in Afghanistan in 2011. He is also the co-founder of No Greater Sacrifice, a charity that provides college scholarship money to the children of fallen and wounded U.S. soldiers.

Do you enjoy Thrillers? Have you heard of this book before? Let me know in the comments below, I love reading your responses!


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