Mash-Up Monday (1)

For awhile I've been wanting to create another Monday meme to rotate in with my Book To Movie Monday and it finally dawned on me *while coincidentally watching Breaking Dawn* Mash-Up Monday. So what is Mash-Up Monday you ask?? Well Mash-Up Monday is when you take two books that really have nothing in common and Mash them up to create an entirely different book. Sounds simple enough right? Anyway since it was while watching Breaking Dawn that I came up with the idea I've decided my very first one will be about Twilight of course!!

Demon in my view is one of my favorite vampire books and the very first time I read Twilight I really honestly thought it might of been Fan fiction since the books were close in content. Of course on the other hand Twilight does remind me of Wuthering Heights. Repressed adolescent sexuality, tribal competition and questions of loyalty vs love were all major themes in Wuthering Heights and those themes can easily be applied to that of Twilight as well. Let's face it at the end of the day many books mashed together can create Twilight but to me these two books stand out as being the closest to it.

Now for this week's questions??

Have you read either of the books mentioned above? Which books would you mash together to create Twilight? Why? Leave your answers in the comments below, I love reading your responses.

Want to learn more about the books mentioned above? Click the links below:
Wuthering Heights
Demon In My View

Well that about wraps up my first ever Mash-Up Monday. I'm still sorta tweaking the cover set up so it might change a few times before I settle on something. If you like what you see please share, Thanks if you do.


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