The Alaska Oil Conspiracy by David A. DesAutels- [REVIEW]

David A. Desautels
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April 10,2012

The Alaska Oil Conspiracy

Jenna Price and Dan Kesler meet while on assignments to a Beaufort Sea, Alaska drilling operation run by Texagon where they notice activities they weren’t meant to see. Something completely unexpected is coming out of a producing oil field. They decide to join forces to find out what is hidden in the oil production. Their investigation leads them to cross paths with Texagon's security chief, Philip Cosgrove. They follow clues to Indonesia where they discover the true reason for suspicious oil activities has nothing to do with oil. Now they are racing against time to unravel the conspiracy while staying ahead of a killer intent on tying up loose threads.

I received a copy of this book for review from the Author. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them.


Oil is big business for the executives who run Texagon Oil Company. Deep underground the North Slope of Alaska a conspiracy is brewing and its up to Geologist Dan Kesler and Petroleum Engineer Jenna Price to figure out exactly what it is.

This book was great!! I am a huge fan of Conspiracies Novels and this book did not disappoint one bit. The Alaska Oil Conspiracy flowed like a Cussler novel but with the technicality and thrill of that written by Authors like Crichton and Patterson.

The Author is a Petroleum Geoscientist so the technical jargon was a bit heavy at times but I do not believe this took me out of the novel at all, as he does try and simplify it as best he can for the reader.

I liked the relationship between Kesler and Price and how they unravel the Texagon Conspiracy and especially their reactions to how far reaching it actually is and the implications for exposing them.

Overall this was a very enjoyable read and gave me a lot to think about concerning all the Oil problems in the world today. If you like any of the Authors mentioned in this review then definitely give this one a shot, I believe you will be glad that you did. I will be rating The Alaska Oil Conspiracy by David A. DesAutels ★★★★.

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