Welcome To November!!

Wow I can't believe if was this time last year when I was seriously starting to contemplate starting my Blog. I remember talking A LOT about it on Twitter,Facebook etc.. but still wasn't entirely convinced I could do it, funny how things turn out. While I'm still a couple weeks away from my actual Anniversary I still can remember November being the turning point from I can't to maybe I can.

Speaking of November might be my favorite month it's truly when Fall kicks into high gear, I also have my wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving happens which includes my favorite Holiday meal and The Macy's Parade!! Oh and of course cannot forget to mention Daylight Savings which means 1 more hour of sleep!

On the downside, November also means that from the moment it hits 12 a.m. and the clock rolls over to November 1st Christmas is on everyone's mind. This year I notice it happened barely 6 hours after Halloween ended. I noticed not just a Christmas commercial but also website layouts updating to Christmas layouts. I really miss the days when we could all celebrate each holiday individually without having that lurking presence of Christmas in the background the moment Fall rolls around.

Anywho enough of my mini rants back to blog related stuff.......

I hope to have a couple Giveaways this month as well as get caught back up on reviews. I also have plans to hopefully change my layout background this month. I had planned to do it this summer but that obviously didn't happen. The idea I have is really cool though (least to me).

Thank you all for sticking with Blood, Sweat and Books and being a part of my blog. I really appreciate it. I hope any members on the East coast are staying safe in the aftermath of Sandy.

Til Next Time,

Blood,Sweat and Books


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