Zurvival Saturday (30)

For this week's Zurvival Saturday and in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy I want to talk about Emergency Preparedness.

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While the Zombie Apocalypse might never happen real tragedies do each and everyday and that is why having an Emergency Plan set in place is so important. Many people think they can tough it out with what they have on hand , they know better or preparing for the worst is only something those crazy preppers do. Preparing yourself for multiple outcomes not only saves lives but also allows the usually stretched thin emergency services to save more lives because you took the steps to help yourself beforehand.

So what can you do if your facing an Emergency situation where power, food and even possibly transportation might be compromised?

1. Prepare for the worst hope for the best. By acknowledging that Disasters happen and taking the steps to prepare, your already significantly more likely to come out safe and more importantly alive. A positive attitude is one of the most important things you can have when Disaster strikes.

2. Have at minimum a 3 day supply of water per family member (including pets)but to be safest 2 weeks is best. Next to a positive attitude Clean Water is the most vital thing you need to survive an Emergency. You can go weeks without food but only days without water.

3. Before the storm hits fill your car with fuel if possible, Gas will be in limited supply once disaster strikes and probably at a premium price to. Save yourself the hassle and think ahead. While your at it, fill up an extra container or two as well. If Shit truly hits the fan, this might just be a lifesaver.

4. Speaking of Transportation always have options. If you live in an area prone to snow, get an ATV or snowmobile. Live where its warm? Keep a bike in the garage. Sometimes driving in a traditional car won't be possible due to road damage. These options will get you mobile and can be taken off road if need be.

5. Food glorious food! Having a well stocked pantry is crucial to surviving an Emergency. Canned foods are best because they have the longest shelf life, don't need to be refrigerated and in most circumstances can be eaten straight from the can without needing to be heated. Foods like Jerky, fruits and nuts, and cereal also can be kept. You can even buy shelf stable milk and have breakfast in the morning if you desire. Stay away from refrigerated foods, if the power goes you don't want to waste money by having to throw it all out because its spoiled. Make sure to stock up on extra pet food as well.

Follow these simple rules and you are on your way to success surviving whatever disaster heads your way. To learn more steps you can take in greater detail head on over to the CDC and check out there Emergency Preparedness Checklist! Do you have a Bug Out Bag? Check out this past Zurvival Saturday post and See the items to include so you can make one.

Above all be smart, stay safe and remember it's just stuff it can be replaced, your life however can not.

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  1. Always great advice for ANY disaster. I live in FL so we try to keep everything on hand and stay stocked with supplies.

    1. That's the smart way to do things and if getting close to expiration dates just use and replace!


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