Sneak by Evan Angler- Review

Evan Angler
Publication Date: September 4,2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
(Sneak Swipe #2)
When Logan Langly backed out of getting the Mark and went on the run, no one thought he could survive on his own. Without the Mark, you can't buy food, go to the doctor, or use a tablet--you aren't even a citizen.

But when he discovers that his sister is being held in a mysterious hidden prison named Acheron, Logan risks everything to travel through an underground network of the Markless to rescue her.

Logan arrives only to find that Acheron holds more secrets than anyone could have guessed and that all his careful planning is worthless against a government that will do anything to gain absolute control.

It seems there is only one place to turn. But can a banned book with whisper-thin pages and warnings about the real meaning of the Mark really hold the Answer?


I'm still trying to wrap my head around the complete 180 this series took. Swipe the first book in the series left such an awful taste in my mouth but this book, this was Dystopian fiction at its best. Perfectly paced, plenty of Action and a gripping plot has skyrocketed Sneak to my Favorite read of the new year. It was just that good.

In Sneak Logan Langly has accepted his status as Markless. His drive to save his sister remains and when he finds her let's just say the reunion was definitely bittersweet. I also liked learning more about the nanoflu which was first introduced in Swipe. In Sneak we learn more about the sinister machinations behind it and the potential implications this will have on the populace should it reach critical levels.

As for the characters, I loved Logan in this book, he was really fleshed out and became someone I could rally behind. Logan also matured quite a bit and I definitely feel that benefited him greatly. The other characters (The Dust, Hailey, Dane) were great as well, even Erin who I flat out hated in Swipe redeemed herself. The addition of Logan's Grandmother was nice. Her and Hailey's mother had me laughing midway through and I'd like to see more of them in the next book.

While Swipe I felt was geared much more Middle Grade, Sneak falls firmly in Young Adult territory. While this is still a clean series (no foul language, violence,sexual situations etc) I didn't feel deprived in any way since the writing was just so darn good this time around.

Sneak was good, but how good was a shocker. It is really rare for a series to go from 2-5 stars but somehow this book has pulled it off. I am really looking forward to Storm which is the third book in the series. If Storm is even half as good as Sneak, I'll be happy.

Overall, I am highly recommending you pick Sneak up and give it a go. The book does get a bit "preachy" near the end but it's not overbearing and like I mentioned above this is a clean Dystopian so if you like yours with a bit more oomph you might (though I doubt it) be disappointed. That being said I will be rating Sneak by Evan Angler ★★★★★.

*I received this book to review from Netgalley. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for providing them.


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