Zurvival Saturday (44) Movie Review: Devil's Playground

For this weeks Zurvival Saturday I will be reviewing the movie Devil's Playground.

Title: Devil's Playground
Director: Mark McQueen
Distributed by: E1 Entertainment
Run Time: 93 Minutes
Original Release Date: August 21,2010
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Country: United Kingdom

IMDB: Click Here

As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure. In his way aren't only the flesh eating super athletic cannibals as humanities greatest danger, are people themselves!


I am a big fan of British Horror films so it really comes as no surprise that I would seek this title out. Devil's Playground is definitely a welcome addition to the Zombie genre and it's surely a movie I enjoy. However I feel this movie won't fit every fan of the genre as the concept is a bit different.

Basically 30k British citizens have been performing in a drug trial for the company N-Gen. During the trials hings are shown running smoothly until that dreadful day when they don't. As things go from bad to worse one of the Doctors realizes only 1 girl out of the 30k seems to be immune making her blood invaluable but before they can track her down and bring her in things fall apart. Now the girl along with her ex-boyfriend and a mismatched group of survivors race to leave the city before it is overrun.

OK so Devil's Playground might not be the most original concept on the planet but it works well. Drug Trials being the cause of a Zombie apocalypse is near my top of plausible scenarios for a Zombie apocalypse to occur. It really kicked up the creepiness factor for me. Speaking of the zombies....

The Zombies aren't the slow going Romero types of old. The Zombies in Devil's Playground are fast and deadly. In fact, these Zombies must of enrolled in Undead Parkour because the majority of the ones given screen time seem to be in peak physical condition leaping over cars and climbing up walls with ease. I get that whatever drug the participants were given makes them super athletic but surely as the virus spread and adapted to different hosts the effects would change. Plus I'm sure physical condition before reanimation would have some sort of role to play so unless each and every one of the participants was already an athlete of some kind it just seems to unbelievable. Now,you do occasionally see some stumbling around in the background but almost every horde scene features the crazy athletic ones. It's just a bit to much if you ask me. Then again maybe I'm over thinking things so let's move on shall we.

One thing I really found enjoyable were the characters. I've been a fan of Craig Conway (Steve) for a few years now so I was stoked when I saw him in this film. He really plays the role of unlikable prat so well. Devil's Playground also has a couple other familiar faces in its cast most notably Danny Dyer (Joe) and Myanna Buring (Angela). If you've ever seen Doghouse or The Descent you'll know who I'm talking about. All in all it was a well rounded cast who had great group dynamic and that's not always the easiest thing to find especially in horror movies.

On the downside, I felt some things like the Zombies fear of water were downright silly and really had no explanation as to why. I also really felt the whole sub plot with Angela's ex being a convict could of been dropped entirely. Yeah, I suppose it had some part to play in the story and offered the big redemption scene at the end but I just didn't care for it.

Overall I really enjoyed Devil's Playground and since originally viewing in 2011 I have re-watched it probably around a dozen times (maybe a bit less). I suppose this begs the question, Would I recommend watching Devil's Playground? Yes! If your a fan of the genre definitely check this one out I think you'll enjoy it. If you don't want to buy or track down a copy at your local video store last I looked it was on Netflix so if you have a subscription to that service you may want to look it up. In the end, I will be giving Devil's Playground ★★★★.

Now For This Weeks Questions:
Have you seen this movie? If so, What did you think? Do you prefer slow or fast Zombies?

For Fun: Tell me the most plausible way you see the Zombie apocalypse starting!
Leave your answer in the comments below. I love reading your responses.

If you're curious I'll like the trailer below for you to check out!!


  1. I have not seen the movie but I will have to check it out. I like the old fashioned slow zombies but fast ones allow for more action. Ooo.. I think that the a virus is the likely cause for zombies.

    1. Slow is more terrifying in many ways and certainly what I'd prefer if they were real but for films I sorta like having a couple fast ones as well just not parkour zombies that I can do without, lol.


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