Review: Fracture by D.D. Chant

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Author: D.D. Chant
Title: Fracture 
Series: The Chronicles of Discord #1
Genre: Dystopian, Young Adult, Science Fiction
Publication Date: March 2, 2013
Copy Provided By: The Author for review
Rating: ★★★

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In a world torn apart by war and divided into three nations Astra struggles to achieve balance. As a child she experienced a horror that caused her life to fracture around her, changing in an instant everything she’d ever known.
Sixteen years later and Astra has been pressured into a false position by her past and is forced into taking a stand that enables her to keep her loved ones safe, but the cost is high.
Caught in an intolerable position Astra is loyal to only one thing: the family that loves her. But when a diplomatic mission from the Free Nation arrives for peace talks with the Tula, Astra’s precariously balanced world begins to fracture again.


After reading Broken City by the same author last year, I was really excited when approach to read Fracture. Even though it was a different series, I started the book right away and for the first few pages I felt that same feeling of being sucked into the story that I had with Broken City. Then it happened, I hit a wall. What type you ask? A Wall of information. I'm usually a huge fan of character development and back story but oh wow, this was like the flood gates opened. It was informative and helpful but just a bit to much all at once. So much detailing that early on really made those opening pages hard to get through. However since I'm a fan, I pushed through the wall and when I came out the other side I was rewarded with a nice little book. 

Astra is a a great character although a bit to negative at times. I understand why though, being a political pawn is no fun and you really feel how hopeless her situation is. Astra truly is a fractured person not only in body but in mind and spirit as wellThankfully the ending gave me so much hope for her character. While things aren't all peachy keen for Astra with Kai by her side maybe they will at least be a little brighter. Speaking of Kai, I really enjoyed his character and I'm glad Astra has someone like him.

On the other hand you have some great villains in the corrupt government. Councilor Sendel is a right bastard. He really reminded me actually of Senator Palpatine from Star Wars for some reason. I kept imagining him that way in my head. However, he isn't even the worst. No that is reserved for the character Ladron. Oh man I could of throttled him several times and probably not even felt an ounce of guilt afterwards. You'll get what I mean if you decide to read the book. 

Overall, I did enjoy Fracture. I think it was a good introduction to the series and I was again I was amazed at the wonderful writing of D.D. Chant's.  Would I recommend Fracture? Yes!! Don't let the plain cover deter you from picking this one up.  In the end, I will be rating Fracture by D.D. Chant ★★★.


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  2. Thank you so much for your review, Kristin! I really appreciate it!

    DeeDee Chant


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