Zurvival Saturday (47) Upcoming TV Series: In The Flesh

Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker
For this weeks Zurvival Saturday I wanted to talk about In The Flesh coming out of the UK in just a few days time. Haven't heard of In The Flesh yet?? Your in luck! Here's some back story for you. In The Flesh is created and written by director Dominic Mitchell. The Show begins airing on BBC3 at 10 pm on March 17th. Unlike The Walking Dead, In The Flesh follows the Zombies as they try reintegrating into society. Kieren Walker is just one of those Zombies who have been deemed fit to return to his family and is the shows main focus. Without seeing the show from what I've read the Zombies go through intense behavior modification training and also are doped up on all sorts of medication making them docile.

Zombie Rehab
What I want to see is how these "Zombies" react to not only the memories of eating human flesh but knowing they also are quite feared no matter how normal they appear to be. Also can the rehabilitation fail and if so what happens to those Zombies??  Is this the only safe village or is this behavior modification widespread?? So many questions I can't wait seeing the answer to.

Not convinced yet that In The Flesh is worth watching? Thankfully there have been quite a few trailers released. So here you go, enjoy!!

Check out this cheeky little Undead Survival PSA they created for the show:

Want more clips?? Check out the official In The Flesh site by clicking Here!!

Now For This Week's Questions 
Will you be watching In The Flesh?
If so, What are you most looking forward to?
If not, Why??
Do you like the idea of rehabilitated Zombies?
Would you let a rehabilitated Zombie family member back in your home?

Let me know your answers in the comments below! I love reading your responses.    

*I do not own the copyright to the images or video used in this post. That belongs to BBC3 


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